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A man found a treasure in the closet of an old house.

George and his sister bought a plot with an old house, the place was picturesque, on the banks of the Oka, they got it quite inexpensively. They have long dreamed of building a dacha so that in their old age there would be a place to live in nature, plant a garden and come with their grandchildren for the summer or on weekends. They decided to adapt the old house for a summer kitchen, and next to build their dream — a small house made of timber.

Timber dream house.

When they began to sort out old things and take out everything unnecessary, Georgy found a barely noticeable hatch in the floor under the boxes with wires — he stumbled over his handle during cleaning.

Luke in the floor.

There was no limit to curiosity: what could it be? Does the house also have a basement? When he opened this small door to the floor, he did not see any stairs down, but on the contrary, there was a very small space up to the earthen floor, lined with polyethylene. They began to shine a flashlight there — in the corner there was a box, all carved and rather heavy, in such they usually keep old photographs or some kind of memorabilia.

Old wooden box.

They got it, of course there was no key to it, I had to use a screwdriver, although it was a pity to spoil such beauty, but impatience won. The inside of the box was upholstered with burgundy-colored velvet, and against its background, the contents of this casket looked especially spectacular.

The box is lined with velvet.

The first box: Inside were old coins — a whole collection, both gold and silver, of different sizes and minted in different eras, and another small box with a padlock.

Old coins — a whole collection,

The second box is inside the first.

When this castle was also defeated, inside this box were bags with a gold watch neatly folded in them, of various sizes and types, and a ring, quite large and massive.

Hid the collection.

George could not believe that this could happen to him, they examined each item with surprise, not yet understanding the full value of their find. What interesting history did each thing lying here have? Who collected this collection and hid it in this closet?

After evaluating this treasure from antique dealers and a jeweler, she and her sister realized that it would be possible to build a house not at all small, but even enough for all the decoration and still left for children.

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