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A man found a treasure of silver dinars

A man found a treasure of silver dinars

Silver dinars in the forest

Vasily wandered through the fields, forests and meadows for a long time, but he didn’t get lucky, but this time luck just smiled at him, from the discovery of the treasure, he sat down and began to pray, not to God, of course, but to the earthly spirit, although it is possible to Jesus, since he saw this for the first time , for joy and his voice, all the local ants dispersed into holes, he decided to hide farther away from the man.

Some comrades opened the treasure hunting season at the beginning of January of this year, they found a lot of interesting, old things, starting with old ceramics, ending with a hoard of coins, but our hero Vasily somehow had no luck, he came across all sorts of bad things, although he did not hide one find near the river, earlier there was a village, but under the Soviet regime in the early fifties it was demolished a couple of kilometers higher, since it was necessary to expand the reservoir.

It was only the village that hindered the expansion, there were about forty houses, and who will ask them once the authorities have decided, then it must be so. Against their will, they decided to demolish the old huts, and built them up higher than the house, although the collective farm itself built new houses at its own expense, for those who had to leave their huts due to demolition.

After the order of the authorities was carried out, the place of the old building was flooded with fresh water in order to provide the nearest city with water. From time to time, the locks open and almost all the water leaves, only fifty meters wide remains in the channel, and the banks themselves dry up, and lovers of searching for gold, like a flock of rooks, flock to it, while there is an opportunity to look for something old, and I will tell you a lot of things find.

Among this crowd of rooks was our hero Vasya, on this day he found a couple of silver coins, they were Soviet but before the reform, one of which he sold for 7,000 rubles — it was one of all his lucky days, but as it turned out the story it has not ended, it has just begun to gain momentum …

The man found the treasure, from his cry all the ants dispersed into holes, you never know what is in his head now! away from sin.

They decided with their comrades in misfortune to try their luck far from home, the three of them got into a wheelbarrow and waved to distant roads, in short, they left home for as much as twenty-six kilometers, they decided to break through happiness on old maps, this time they hit the nail on the head, already approaching the place Sanya said. well, all the boys, if there is no treasure, I won’t take you home, he looked into the water, look how insightful and the phrases are all on the topic.

Arrived at the place rushed to their sides.

Vasek had been walking for a couple of hours and so far there was nothing sensible, but then the device rang. he let’s dig there, and after a couple of minutes he couldn’t believe his eyes, it was a treasure of silver dinars , in total he got 29 pieces, the treasure may not be there, but someone definitely sowed a cough.

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It was possible to continue the search, but concrete rain covered them, it was decided to come the next day and finish off what had been started …. more finds

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