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A man found an iron object

The man was a fisherman, lives a hundred meters from the Dnieper River, they often find different things, but basically everything modern forgotten by tourists, so to speak, this time he found an object right in front of his house, decided to put new pipes under the water, they pulled it out with the whole brigade consisting of godfathers and neighbors, his weight was 18 kilograms. and even covered with earth, and this is another 20 from above

It was in the spring, the man decided to lay new pipes, the old ones were already tearing water under pressure in several places, he was tired of calling specialists from the mountain water utility, and they, as usual, come to block the water, and slowly begin to patch, by all available means.

The last time he couldn’t stand it, and he finally decided that spring would come, I would change everything forever, so that I wouldn’t look there for a hundred years, and finally, uninterrupted water would appear in the house …

The man found an object right under his house, the godfather helped him to pull out of the pit, trench, with loud words they pulled him out of the pit

It’s time to dig out a rotten pipe for a replacement, and then he stumbled upon something, it looks like iron, he dug it and realized that it was not a simple piece of iron, but it looked like a peg from a ship, he could not pull it out himself, he decided to call a neighbor and godfather together they pulled it out. They washed it with water, they even managed to read the inscriptions on it, after weighing it, he sold it …

The weight of such a thing is 18 kg, a 1948 Ganz vessel of the ebb was sold by a man for 700 bucks.

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