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Abandoned city of Pripyat.

People raised children, got married, divorced, went to work without worrying about tomorrow. There was a stable salary, there was enough food to the head, because they lived in the 7-kilometer zone of the nuclear power plant — the local population was entitled to benefits, the state was worried about it. But no one is immune from the tragedy, which could instantly destroy the measured life of the whole city. And these are the guys in peacetime, there was no war and hunger strike. Just like that, the card fell, and our scientists could not predict this day, and no one truly could have done it.

Today, one can only guess what happened, although the experts made a conclusion and gave their assessment of what happened. But today, after many years, we decided to walk the streets that have forgotten the laughter, the joy of people passing through them to work and home.

Today we see scattered Pravda newspapers — I’m sure that many remember this, at least the older generation remember exactly what else you could go with, to a small hall, meetings in an apartment. On the shelves of one of the apartments, in addition to newspapers, children’s toys are lying around, the beds are empty and cold for a long time.

The high-rise building is overgrown with bushes and trees. But we have intentions to get to the house, climb through the broken window, see what’s inside.

Pripyat photo

Before leaving the house, apartment, this tree was a maximum of 30 centimeters, today four of us cannot hug it.

We didn’t have to climb through the window, the entrance door didn’t become an obstacle, we calmly entered the house, this is how the guys look at the entrance after many years.

There was even a sign with a list of residents in the entrance, God, there were people here, but today I won’t find them. And once we ran out as boys from the entrance, we even did little dirty tricks, we’ll ring the bell at the grandmother’s door and run away at all times, whoever was the last one got into an unpleasant conversation with the grandmother.

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