Treasure in Latvia

Found a treasure in Latvia during a search — cans with household items

The hero of our story, Alexander, lives in Russia, but a third of his relatives are in Latvia, where he planned to spend the New Year’s weekend. The relatives chose the place of residence near the forest and the river, because they knew that his favorite pastime was fishing and walking with a metal detector.
Alexander quickly got used to it, thanked his relatives and decided to take some rest. An hour later, I realized that I could not sit back and grabbed a metal detector with a shovel, went for a walk through the winter, almost snowless forest. I didn’t have to walk for a long time, after about a kilometer the device began to give a signal — there is something interesting in this place. As it turned out later, antique household items.

The man began to dig, worked for more than an hour, but curiosity turned out to be stronger than fatigue. Surprise knew no bounds — he hoped to see coins, but not this!
He pulled out a few rusty cans and slowly went home. Inside I found unique items: well-preserved clothes, bedding, a kerosene lamp, dishes, an old empty box.

Why are these things so well hidden? I learned from my relatives that during the Second World War, people hiding from the threat buried valuable items in the hope that everything would end soon and they would be able to return. Probably, the owners of the treasure forgot about the location of their hiding place or the way to the house turned out to be too difficult…

Finding a pensioner

Petrovich often goes out into the forest for berries, mushrooms in the winter, he puts loops on a small animal, a hare sometimes meets a marten, since he has been retired for fifteen years, after he came out to her, he and his wife decided to move further from the city, with health his wife was in trouble and the doctors advised to go out into nature more often.

They consulted with their son for a long time and he helped them, gave half the money to buy a country house, the rest were with pensioners, the good news is that Petrovich was a military man all his life and saved up as much money as possible, the only thing he regretted was that he had not reached the rank of general, and retired with the rank of colonel, and he regrets it purely because of the larger pension and various privileges of higher ranks, but this is all in the past and let’s return to the present.

Being pensioners, he was offered to become a forester part-time, because the characteristic is good, and there were simply not enough of them in their settlement, and there were definitely not enough good boys of poachers, he agreed. For all the time he worked, he met only one couple of poachers, whom he himself tied up right in front of the car, they had already managed to load the boar into the back of GAZIK, he even almost shot at one of them, started yelling, screaming yes, I’ll you, but our Petrovich was a military man and he was no stranger to screamers. He warned and tied the screamers, then called the district and chief forester, they arrived, drew up a protocol for the illegal hunting of the beast, took them away and subsequently took them to court. The court issued a verdict to the poachers, a purely minor fine, but this is such a thing, yes, our hero was upset, but that was a long time ago.

Finding an untouched German dugout for pensioners

Petrovich once again entered the forest, taking his gun with him, he always went along the path familiar to him, but this time he took a map with him, decided to change the route a little, it was already the end of August, but the heat was mama don’t worry. He walked between the trees and noticed a sharp depression, he decided to check what it was, he scattered a bunch of branches and realized that it looked like some kind of structure, a view of an underground house opened up in front of him, from above the roof consisted of powerful rails, he tried to go there but it didn’t work out, he decided to write the place on the map and return for help.

He returned home, and began to call the chief inspector Vasilievich, saying that it looks like he came across a dugout, he heard an important suggestion and came to him.

Together they armed themselves with shovels and moved back into the forest.

Already having arrived at the place, they began to scatter branches together, the earth from the passage, going inside, they saw what the pensioner found, although there was little space, a lot was destroyed and littered with earth, but they managed to dig out one German machine gun, though it was very rusty, it lay almost on top, two German helmets, a gas mask.

all the objects led them to the assumption that it was a German dugout, and there was a fortification, there was a river a hundred meters away and from this point a wonderful view of it opened up, plus, according to old maps, it was expensive there.

Dug out old weapons in the garden

He inherited not only a house — he dug weapons in the garden

As you know, no matter what we are fond of, life always brings together people of common interests. That’s what happened this time as well. During heavy rain, I went to a cafe, there were no empty seats, so I had to sit next to a group of young people. One of them told the story, where the old weapon appears.

The guy inherited a private house, which, according to estimates, is about a hundred years old. Three rooms, old things, including the well-known Singer typewriter, USSR rubles — paper and coins, porcelain figurines, luxurious downy shawls that our grandmothers wore. Near the house, a beautiful, fruitful garden, trees protect the house from the scorching sun in summer.

In the garden there is a small plot for a vegetable garden, during the paperwork, it was a little overgrown with grass. The hero of our story, an avid lover of growing vegetables, as he said, is a habit instilled from childhood by his beloved grandmother. Armed with all the necessary tools, he began to get rid of weeds while digging up the soil.

While working on the corner of the site, I suddenly felt that the shovel rested against something hard. How the box lay for so long is not entirely clear, after all, the earth dug many times. Apparently, it was he who was supposed to find the treasure. Inside lay a holster where there was an old weapon. In the same place, documents in a foreign language and cartridges were stored in the package.

The young man took his find to the police, the check and examination showed that the inside of the old weapon was in good condition, despite the “age” a little less than the inherited house.

Children found a treasure

Students found coins of Sigismund III

I am a biology teacher, I teach the fifth grade, at the next lesson we needed soil to study. No one suspected that it was on this day that a secret that had been hidden from us for many years would be revealed. The children came out and dispersed throughout the school grounds. Mitya and Volodya discovered the Polish coins first.
They began to dig the soil under the oak, Mitya felt that the shovel had hit a hard surface. The student, raking the ground with his hands, saw fragments of a clay pot. Digging shards from the ground, the boy noticed a few old coins, continuing to pull out the remnants of the container, he got more and more money of unknown origin.

The student called me and showed me his find. I invited the guys to dig further. As a result, they got a pile of coins from under the oak. Not knowing what to do with them, colleagues called the police, and they called the archaeologists. It turned out that these were Polish coins from the reign of Sigismund III, in total there were about a thousand.

In the place where the boys dug up the value, there was a church nearby, according to experts, its employees could hide the money. The second version is that the cache was made by ordinary middle-class people.

Mega finds in a German landfill

Mega finds in a German landfill that just don’t throw people away, everything looks like their pensions and salaries are enough, not only for food, but also for new expensive purchases. Not a dump, but a real «Free» — a manufactured goods supermarket, in our case, a «super dump» is free.

Bosch electric machine for metal cutting. It’s just possible, cut the grape arch into metal, if you don’t have enough money until retirement again.

Works like clockwork. Just a mega find in a junkyard. You can immediately see that people have enough pensions, and salaries, not only for the product, but also for new things.

The branded drill — after being plugged into the 220 network — buzzed like new, I’m sure that it will serve a good owner for many more years, although a bad one too, the main thing is not to throw the drill into the water — at the same time plugging it into the electrical network.

One drill will not be enough, you never know, suddenly the son wants to fasten the boards on a sled, here’s another drill from the landfill for you in reserve.
The drill from the company — Master Craft — works 100%, excellent appearance, it seems that it was not actually used, so cleanly got rid of trash in the garage.

Do you need Bulgarian? After turning it on, it buzzed, as if it were just from the conveyor!, with one, but the plug is slightly bent, but after two movements with pliers, the plug enters the electrical network and comes out like a knife in melted butter!

Cop — the value of the coins of the finds.

Findings of objects by a man, how much are the coins found? How many more treasures does the Russian forest hide?

The forest was a good camouflage shelter for bandits from the main road, you don’t even need to take it far, the well-known Nightingale the Robber thundered throughout Rus’. Many legends said that in that forest, and not a person at all, but real fiends, a formidable monster, from the whistle of which, the horses fell under the heroes.

And Ilya Muromets got up after 33 years of paralysis, at the call of the elders, and entered the terrible, dark, formidable forest boiling with evil spirits. The whistle of the robber raised the wind, leaves, branches flew towards Ilya, but the horse and hero held on with all their might. Ilya was still able to stay in the saddle. Having reached the one who was whistling, with one blow to the teeth, the whistling stopped.
A mournful body sat in front of the hero, pleading for forgiveness in his eyes. 100 times the robber regretted that he ran into the wrong person. After calming the robber, the hero delivered him to Prince Vladimir.

The prince tied the nightingale to a pole so that the people would no longer be afraid to walk through the forest, because there is no longer a terrible monster, in that forest, the Russian hero can cope with any evil spirit — but these are all legends, and where is the truth and where is the lie you decide.

I’m talking about a robber, why? And besides, there were so many such robbers, bandits who could not carry all the loot with them, so they were looking for places for their hiding places. The best place for burying a treasure is a forest, with many landmarks so that you can easily find the place where you hid your treasure.

Where to look for treasure?

If you decide to look for treasure — the best places to find treasure: forest — pay special attention, next to large settlements; individual ancient trees; wells, large granite stones, in general, all those places whose landmarks look against the backdrop of the terrain — unusual!

Kop — the value of the coins of the finds

The man often goes out to detect, and today this is not his first outing, but he himself could not believe that he had found royal coins — although these are not rare finds, it is still nice to have such things in your hand.

Money is 1745, the state is, of course, quite sad, but let’s see how much a coin of money costs. I looked at reputable sites and concluded the coin was a gift from Catherine — it costs an average of 100 rubles, a sad price, although old.

Another find, Nicholas I, this time the coins look much better than the first, I already had time to look at the prices. The cost of the royal coin of a penny of Nicholas I in 1852 is 1000 rubles, you know, I have been looking for a long time, the price of a penny coin starts from 100 rubles, I think it’s not bad. From the average sales, I concluded that 1000 Russian rubles, for the cost of a royal penny in excellent condition, is not the limit.

Landfill finds

Findings by a man in a modern landfill, if you want to see what the people of Germany throw out, then you should come to me.

For various reasons, people go abroad. Most for earnings: to get smart from Western partners, I mean education — although I don’t think that our education is worse! Unless you just need to pay for everything, but guys, in Germany, England, education is many times more expensive, then we conclude that the rich go to study, and not those guys who will walk through the modern dumps of Germany, harvest the crops sown by local residents.

Today I came across one video, and I saw the light of what the Western economy has come to, no, I envy quite a bit, I hope that we, too, will live many times better than the Germans in the next raging one — the main thing is to live until retirement, after the current reform. And there you can walk through the dumps, because our pension is only enough for what the Germans throw out.

Okay, let’s see, another exit to the dump of Germany, men, below I will leave the name of the channel on YouTube, so that there are no complaints in terms of using someone else’s material.

Finds by a man in a modern landfill — Germany, people live, everything is ahead of us. The first finds: the cable from the iPhone is absolutely in working condition, the price is around 5 euros; several phones, two of which are working — the only thing missing is a charger for them; and the main find in the landfill is cool wire cutters! Let’s go further.

Found phones in a landfill, not the latest models, but working, even in Russia, they can be sold for 300 rubles. Do not know in Germany, the cost of boo phones! — It will be necessary to study this issue with the price.

The finds of phones, the dump is a terrible force.

Further found: navigator and hard drive. The navigator turns on, but the display is broken, the man is not going to repair the display, except that if the same model comes across in the future, then it will be possible to replace it.

The hard drive — even with a seal, but did not check for operability, another time. Let’s go further to consider, the finds in the landfill, what else can be found.

An awesome vintage find, a radio-controlled car, put in the batteries and went to remember my childhood.

And how do you guys wi-fi router, in excellent condition, works like a Swiss watch:

Finding a mega in a landfill in Germany

After recharging the found phone, it turns on, rings, receives calls, a great find in a landfill, these are the things the Germans throw out. We keep all this in closets, attics, for several reasons, it’s a pity to part, suddenly come in handy, I paid money for it — I won’t throw it away!

Mega treasure find

The cache with the Mega treasure was found by a man in his grandmother’s house. Where did the Mega gold disappear to?

I want to tell you an interesting and instructive story, I don’t even know whether to cry from pity for the lucky one or laugh at the loser, or maybe cry for our police. What brave guys we have serving and working in the Kursk police, true defenders of private property. I don’t argue, a lot of great guys serve in the police, there are true defenders of human rights and they are even ready to take my grandmother across the road.

The man decided to make repairs, fix the old building, near the house, the man inherited the house from his grandmother. I found a hiding place under one of the rotten boards, took out a glass bottle from it, from which I poured out gold coins of Nicholas II of various denominations.

There were 260 coins in the treasure — a mega find, according to the most conservative estimates of experts, the value of the treasure is 6,000,000 rubles.

The lucky man happily told reporters about his grandmother:

  • My grandmother was an excellent governess, a masterful woman, she often altered things for people, treated people — everything was paid to her, they paid for her help. Grandma saved money all her life. As we can see from the discovery of the golden treasure, not all the wealth was kept on a savings book.

He took the mega find, under the grandmother’s barn, to the good policeman for legality, and began to wait, examinations, and a reward !!!

You can sell such finds — because the man found them in his house — from the words of a lawyer. But the man, for his own reasons, (maybe conscience, illiteracy in the laws) decided to take the find to the police.

The good policeman seized everything as it should be, the protocol, the inventory and added the words:

— 10 days will pass, if there is no crime on gold coins, theft, murder, we will return everything to the heir.

A mega find — which can make anyone rich, make happy, but is it really so?

10 days have passed, even a little more than 6 years, but the man did not see his treasure in gold coins, why? Where did the mega find go — sounded on all TV channels, newspapers of the city of Kursk, and throughout the country.

Freaks from the museum — did not have the right to decide

At the beginning, the eccentrics from the museum recognized the gold coins as a historical value, as it turned out through the court, illegally. According to experts, the coins from the hoard did not represent any historical value, since they were issued in millions of copies, among them there were no rare exhibits valuable for history. The main thing that the court found out was that the representative of the local history museum did not have the right to decide whether the coins have historical value — normal!

That’s what the law says!

Even if it turned out that the treasure with gold coins was of historical value, the man was entitled to compensation, a reward of 50% of the value of the coins, as the law says!

But money, reward — the lucky man could not get, why?

We recommend: a car is always a necessary purchase, and even with a cache

After they took out a box of gold coins from the evidence room of the police station, it turned out to be metal in the form of wrenches — stunned, an investigation is underway.

The history of the pyramids in 20 years

The secret of the pyramids — how could they build it in 20 years, without modern technology?

As we are all used to when studying the history of the pyramids, that the knowledge of Egyptologists is based on irrefutable data, we will have to think hard about the real possibilities of creating historical axioms in such a little studied section as Ancient Egypt. And what is one of the most mysterious theories is the origin of the pyramids.

According to the most venerable Egyptologists, the history of the pyramids of Egypt — namely, this state begins to be conducted approximately from 700 BC, since only from this period can Roman and Greek records be compared with them. What happened before?

The difference in numbers can be more than one century or even two! This also applies to the construction of pyramids, such monumental structures — there are many theories and concepts, but not a single confirmed written fact.

And in addition to this, there is no accurate information about the reign of Cheops, whose tomb is allegedly these buildings of the «Pyramid», and in general there is no true data about any of the Egyptian pharaohs. And there are only fragments of papyri and stone sources in a foggy language, which tell about the great construction on Earth. Most of the conclusions are obtained empirically, so we are left alone with the pyramids and the secrets they contain, as well as theories without universal confirmation.

According to modern masons, builders, engineers and architects, it is unrealistic to create such a monumental and high-precision structure as the pyramid of Cheops in a period of 20 years, even with the help of modern technology. But how did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids without technical knowledge? Unless, the ancient Egyptians knew more than modern man!

The secret of the pyramids — how they could build in 20 years

For comparison, consider the size and timing of the construction of another cult building, namely the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, which in terms of the size of the base differs by several percent from the pyramid in Giza, but in no way can it be compared with a height of only 195 feet versus 438 feet. The duration of the construction took a long 160 years, compared with the pyramid of Cheops in just 20!!! It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

So what is hidden behind these compressed, most likely, artificial terms? And everything, as always, is simple — adjusted facts in our and not only long-suffering history.

If you stretch the time frame for the construction of the pyramids, they will not coincide with the alleged reign of this pharaoh, and the whole song about the tomb will simply disappear into thin air!

And this cannot resist the dominant idea, and all Egyptologists claim that any gossip about the other purpose of the Egyptian pyramids is simply fiction.

Treasure of coins from the forest in a pot

We often go out into the forest for a walk, pick berries, look at trees, it got to the point that I collected horns from trees, I came across quite interesting specimens. Our forest is not far from the city of Rokycany (Czech Republic), I always take my wife with me, she understands more than I do in berries and mushrooms. We like to enjoy the clean air breathing oak trees, even if it is not strange there are linden trees in this strip. I noticed the linden as a child, so I know where they are, as soon as it blooms, we take packages and stock up on its flower. This day when I found the treasure in the forest was no exception.

Reference: the treasure was found in the forest last year, the couple, as usual, walked through the forest, and found a pot of gold coins in a hole dug by wild boars, they dated according to archaeologists during the reign of Wenceslas IV, at that time for this money a person who lost the treasure could buy a great home.

Treasure found from the forest coins were in a pot

Peter, on a typical autumn morning. drank tea, luckily it was a day off and in the evening he was going to go to the forest. He walked along the familiar path, holding a stick in front of him to clear the web in front of his eyes. plus with a stick he raked the leaves under the trees in search of edible mushrooms. Mushrooms came across today, mostly toadstools, but the mood was fine, he felt great.

From afar, he noticed a hole dug by wild boars, the hunting season had not yet begun, and in general the boars felt at ease in this forest. He came closer, hoping to find chanterelles or mushrooms. Something flashed from under the leaves, he came closer and kindled the leaves of the old oak, and his eyes froze. Peter saw several gold coins in front of him, he collected them in his hand, looked closely, and indeed it was a treasure trove of silver coins, he did not understand them much and could not determine their date.

Continued hoarding of gold coins

Peter without thinking for a long time called his friend from the city, his friend was a credited archaeologist. He shouted into the phone saying he found it, come and see for yourself. A friend of the archaeologist came and took the coins and said, these are coins from about 1370 and 1420 and your find is called Prague pennies!

The friend decided to continue the search, they returned to the place where Peter found the first coins, in the end they dug a pot of silver coins after counting there were 519 pieces …

A pot with treasure poured out on the table

Treasure of Prague groschen from the forest in a pot

Our lucky finder of the treasure will receive ten percent of the reward, of the total value, according to the laws of the Czech Republic, so our 25% of the find in Russia is just a bomb …

Guys, you should always hope for a find, it is definitely waiting for you; your coins are under the bush!!!