Treasure from the Kremlin

Do you think the walls of the Kremlin hide only the government from the people (people’s anger)? You’re wrong! The walls of the Kremlin are able to hide secrets, treasures, treasures. Of course, the current government is exporting abroad everything that they have acquired not through passive labor — which is fundamentally different from the centuries-old rule, princes, kings.

Based on this, it becomes clear that before the government, in case of problems, the Tsar was not going to run abroad, where he was clearly not expected. Today, our guys with their billions are waiting with outstretched arms, and loaves of salt, and they don’t care that our government, that the government of any other state is subject to sanctions. If you have money, then you should come to us! But today is not about politics, but about the treasures found from the times of ancient Rus’ — on the territory of the Kremlin — after the discovery of which, even in Russia you can live without poverty, even your great-grandchildren.

Treasure from the Kremlin — Real Finds

One of the last finds of the hoard was recorded on May 17, 1988. Treasures of the Kremlin, called the find «The Great Kremlin Treasure», consisted of 300 items — belonging to the ancient Russian elite of Rus’. The last treasure found was able to enter the top ten finds of Old Russian Rus’. On the territory of the world-famous Red Kremlin, the center of the capital, one of the first settlers, were recorded in chronicles back in the distant XII century.

A huge treasure was discovered by simple hardworking builders, literally a hundred meters from the Spassky Gate, according to experts, the items found belonged to the princely treasury of the XII-XIII centuries.

According to the assumption of scholarly historians, in 1238, a powerful and fearless horde of Batu Khan, with a furious thirst for profit, besieged the city, it was decided to hide the treasure from the Mongol Khan. Subsequently, the princely treasure lain for centuries under the ground, and waited for its time. The discovered works of ancient master jewelers struck with their diversity, fantasy of working with jewelry of scientists historians. However, historians and archaeologists were struck not only by the skill of jewelers, but by how rich the capital was in the distant XII-XIII centuries.

The Kremlin treasure made it possible to study the historical culture of the principality of Rus’, it included items: princely bracelets, rings belonging to the elite of the 12th century, rings, various silver beads. Plaques with gilding for ceremonial clothes, temporal rings — this is not the whole list of items found. Some of the valuable for the art of Russia, ancient objects from the treasure, were taken for examination to establish ownership, to this day. which is shrouded in the mystery of disappearance.

Big treasure of the Kremlin photo

Finding a mega treasure

On examination — so to speak! In the Soviet echelon of power, there were also lovers of art, diamonds, gold — one of whom was Galina Brezhneva, but I won’t say that part of the Kremlin treasure was stolen by Soviet leaders, perhaps the items flaunt in one of the museums of Russia, and I run into here.

Previous finds

Let me remind you that treasures have already been found outside the Kremlin walls: the first interesting finds were made in 1773, also during major construction work, a large number of ancient silver coins were found under the foundation of the building; the second find was discovered in 1843, a vessel with charters and lead seals, during the reign of Dmitry Donskoy; the third treasure was found in 1844, the builders erected a building intended for the armory, stumbled upon silver jewelry, items belonging to not poor people, dating back to the second half of the 12th century.

Farmer finds Roman silver coins

A farmer’s friend found silver coins in the field.

One of my friends met a friend, it turned out that recently he has been fond of searching for treasures, gold coins with the help of a metal detector. The main part of exploration is fields and forest-steppes, and since my friend is a farmer, and even a connoisseur of history, he showed interest by inviting a friend to explore his possessions.

The treasure hunter started with a field sown with wheat, the farmer agreed to risk the future harvest in order to touch the rare finds. We started right in the middle, because the legend was about living here centuries earlier, the Roman legionnaires. The chance of finding something was high. The finds appeared ten minutes after the first explored meter.

The thickened metal ring had no patterns or other signs of the past. The next thing was a small silver coin, after it, a real valuable acquisition appeared. The owner of the territory was absent when the lover of treasures raised cries of admiration. The metal detector emitted signals for non-ferrous metal, only a few digs revealed a pot, presumably full of coins.

It was not possible to get it quickly, friends were afraid to damage the integrity of the old container and did not even think that they had found silver coins. Having dug out completely, they immediately took the heavy pot for examination. The check lasted about a month, inside there were silver coins, or rather Roman denarii of the third century AD, more than a thousand pieces.

found silver coins on the field

The material of manufacture is not only silver, but also bronze. The found coins were handed over to the museum having received the due compensation from the state, which amounted to two thousand dollars, if translated from Russian rubles.

Lieutenant of the Soviet army (1941)

There were fierce battles near Leningrad, the Soviet army steadfastly held the defense, there was only one thing, the soldiers kept coming and coming and did not have time to take out the dead and wounded.

Soldiers in the trenches defense of Leningrad

photo source Defense of Leningrad

Many fighters ended up in the hospital with severe, wounded, those who were lightly wounded tried to go back and help their brothers, and even more so if the fighter himself was from the city that he needed to protect German fascism.

The lieutenant of the Soviet army received a penal battalion for two words

After the military hospital, about two dozen fighters got to the distributor, since their regiment was disbanded, before that the main part was defeated by the Germans.

photo source military hospital 1941

A young lieutenant, fresh from a military school, was seconded to them.

photo source The lieutenant of the Soviet army received a penal battalion for two words

The lieutenant did not stand on ceremony for a long time, he built the fighters and began to teach the mind to the mind of the soldiers who fought in the trenches for almost three months, ate, sewed, washed, fired back under German bombing and shelling.

He uttered the famous phrase “You are rear rats” — you are chilling in the hospital, and the Soviet army is fighting for you, so that you eat and drink alcohol with the nurses. To his misfortune, these words were heard by a major from intelligence, and in an orderly tone ordered him to appear at the commandant’s office. both of them went to the commandant.

commandant’s office

The major drew up a report on the lieutenant, and in a nutshell told him, what do you think, these fighters steadfastly held the lines on the outskirts of Leningrad, shed blood while you were studying, and you scatter such phrases, what were you only taught in your school ?! the commandant immediately reacted, arrested the lieutenant and referred the case to the tribunal for consideration.

Tribunal decision

His case was considered by four officers of the Soviet army, it took 7 minutes for everything, and the decision of the tribunal was announced: to demote to the rank and file and send the battalion to a fine.

The penal battalion is neither for you nor this.

Of course, it’s good to judge from the outside, to see who is right and who is to blame, but there was a cruel war and, as you know from history, you could thunder for absolutely nothing, even if you looked askance at a bad commander, what to say if you hit him in the face, you could calmly do this shoot, even without a sentence, stupidly lead to the dugout and you are already in heaven.

In this case, of course, the lieutenant was wrong, but what can you do with the young, hot, because he still didn’t know anything at all about the war, people, what a school was, how long he had been taught there for three months, and who were his teachers ?!

Buying a position

Buying a position, power in Europe — Robe nobility and city patricians

  • legends and myths

Mantle nobility and urban patricians

A feature of «illegal» feudalism is the presence of privileged groups of people and corporations. These are no longer only those upper classes that existed in the Middle Ages. In France, for example, a special estate appeared — the nobility of the mantle (meaning the judicial mantle), opposed to the old military estate — the nobility of the sword.


The new «knights of the law» — lawyers occupied various state and, most often, judicial positions and received a noble title for this. The replenishment of this class took place in the most corrupt way.

The practice of selling posts existed, and not only in France, but there it was most common. The royal power, always in need of money, officially appointed those who would pay for them. Anyone could become a «knight of the law» with a legal education and sufficient funds. There was a fee, from a small fee for a post, say, a parliamentary, i.e., judicial (recall, in France, parliaments are royal courts), bailiff to a huge amount for the post of president of the Paris Parliament (i.e., the Supreme Court).

And these posts could be resold, donated, bequeathed, just by paying a certain tax to the treasury.

Rather privileged categories were representatives of the wealthy urban elite, especially in France and the Netherlands, and in England too. They turned, where in fact, and where formally (for example, at one time in Amsterdam), into a closed corporation, completely concentrating the management of cities in their hands. By the way, in France, most of the nobles of the mantle were recruited precisely from these urban patricians.

But compared to traditional feudalism, “illegal” feudalism was a more flexible system, providing conditions for increased social and personal mobility. At the same time, these «new privileged» were a significant force, often opposed to royal power. It was very difficult for the central government to control individual officials in the field.

Officials, and indeed representatives of more or less privileged classes, from which these officials were recruited, resisted control in every possible way. So, in France, the parliaments, especially the Parisian, for a long time behaved quite independently, but in relation to the crown.

According to the traditions of the country, it was the Parlement of Paris that had to register royal decrees. And often advisers refused to register, arguing that this decree was contrary to the laws of the country.

The king was asked to first change the previous laws, and then issue this decree. It is surprising that such independence was ensured precisely by corruption! Councilors and other officials considered their posts to be personal property, and not royal favor.

Modern coin 5 rubles 2015

A modern coin of 5 rubles in 2015 should not be given back to the store, rare ones cost 42,000

  • Coins of Russia

picture taken from YouTube Modern coin 5 rubles 2015

A modern coin of 5 rubles in 2015, minted at two mints, the bulk is worth the money, it is considered rare coins, and you should not give it back to the store or seller at the bazaar if you received it for change, because today collectors are ready for it pay dozens of times more than its face value and it starts from 100 rubles, but among them there is a very rare variety and it costs from 42,000 Russian rubles

A modern coin of 5 rubles in 2015 should not be given back to the store, rare ones cost 42,000

Attention!! if you come across a non-magnetic coin, it is easy and simple to distinguish it, it has a SMOOTH GUR


picture taken from YouTube Modern coin 5 rubles 2015

The price of a coin of 5 rubles in 2105 with a smooth edge starts from 42,000 Russian rubles.


Treasure stash found in secret room

A deadly stone was found in a secret room … Jewels, shiny stones, beautifully shimmering in the sun. All this has always attracted a person, and after a while it has completely gained some value. But jewels were not always good, there were so-called «damned jewels».

They often spoiled the life of their owner and sometimes led to death. During the revolutions, people, in order to preserve their values, made all kinds of hiding places, and some even rooms filled with all sorts of different good things. One of these caches was the treasure cache of Naryshkin. It was discovered by accident, during the repair of the premises. The builders, when carrying out repairs on the first floor, noticed a strange door leading to a room that was not in the plan.

The builders were shocked by the wealth they saw.

This little room was completely packed with all sorts of different goods, namely: spoons, tureens, various dishes, a silver service, nominal awards from the civil war, precious stones and the blue diamond «Hope». Experts assure that the amount of everything that lies there is more than 4 million euros, and if we translate this into our hard-earned money, about 284,683,603 rubles.

But in the midst of all this goodness, the so-called tragic diamond “Hope” was found. Despite such an attractive name, this stone is not very kind to its owner, it is known as the «Hope» stone. This stone brought many deaths, in particular to its owners. It is known as the most dangerous stone in the whole world. Initially, this stone wasn’t that deadly until something happened. The blue diamond was used in an Indian temple for rituals. They used it because it reflects light beautifully. But by the fate of fate, one foreigner liked this stone. Of course, we do not know the name of this foreigner. This foreigner decided to do a terrible thing, namely to steal a stone from the temple, which angered the ancient gods.

The fate of the poor fellow was destined, and his death was terrible and painful. It was torn apart by a pack of wild dogs. From here, the stone began to spread throughout the world. Then he got to Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. He went with this stone to Europe. The stone was presented to Louis XIV. For this he received a title of nobility. Louis did not long rejoice at his new stone. While hunting, the king injured his leg. Blood poisoning has occurred. The king died in terrible agony a few days later, and the stone continued on its way.


A man found an iron object

The man was a fisherman, lives a hundred meters from the Dnieper River, they often find different things, but basically everything modern forgotten by tourists, so to speak, this time he found an object right in front of his house, decided to put new pipes under the water, they pulled it out with the whole brigade consisting of godfathers and neighbors, his weight was 18 kilograms. and even covered with earth, and this is another 20 from above

It was in the spring, the man decided to lay new pipes, the old ones were already tearing water under pressure in several places, he was tired of calling specialists from the mountain water utility, and they, as usual, come to block the water, and slowly begin to patch, by all available means.

The last time he couldn’t stand it, and he finally decided that spring would come, I would change everything forever, so that I wouldn’t look there for a hundred years, and finally, uninterrupted water would appear in the house …

The man found an object right under his house, the godfather helped him to pull out of the pit, trench, with loud words they pulled him out of the pit

It’s time to dig out a rotten pipe for a replacement, and then he stumbled upon something, it looks like iron, he dug it and realized that it was not a simple piece of iron, but it looked like a peg from a ship, he could not pull it out himself, he decided to call a neighbor and godfather together they pulled it out. They washed it with water, they even managed to read the inscriptions on it, after weighing it, he sold it …

The weight of such a thing is 18 kg, a 1948 Ganz vessel of the ebb was sold by a man for 700 bucks.

Hunter found treasure instead of game

Vasily has been a member of the community of hunters for many years, and then the day came in late autumn when he was able to get out on his favorite thing, hunt ducks.
He took his beloved dog Rex and sat down, inviting a neighbor to the front seat in a Lada 09 brand car, and moved closer, to the already familiar river, in the thicket of commissaries he heard a familiar rumble, this is definitely my day, but something went wrong, a shot and his whole pile of game soared into the sky, even the dog was frightened not from the shot itself, but from surprise when the whole flock rose sharply.

The man decided to wander a little, along the river, he began to think to himself what had gone wrong and how it was that he had missed something, as if a neighbor had jinxed him, he thought, because although it was dawn, before leaving he closed the gates of the house and here she she was drawn, saying hello to Vasily from behind, he didn’t stutter a little from surprise and squatted down.

Of course, he politely answered her, hello, my light, that you Petrovna are not light at dawn, are you wandering about so early, scaring people? Yes, I decided to leave for the city earlier, I need to buy a gift for my granddaughter. Vasily — couldn’t you have done it yesterday? did you know perfectly well that today is Elena’s birthday? no, she couldn’t, because she returned late, while she fed the cattle, this and that, and here it was already dawn. Won’t you take me? Of course I’ll give you a lift, like I now have a choice — I thought to myself.

It’s as if she jinxed it, all the way asking what and how, what I’m going for, I’m not going, but food, so I arrived, damn all the game I was scared away with my croaking, it’s clear that it’s better to blame anyone but not yourself with a crooked hand.

The hunter instead of game found a treasure, he could not even understand at first what he had found

Still, I just arrived, maybe I’ll be lucky and my duck will fly to me for lunch, he rushed to walk along the reeds, and the water was ankle-deep, but this did not stop him from moving around and not getting his feet wet because he was shod in high boots.

The dog followed him not far, she definitely didn’t put on her boots, and she didn’t have much desire to wet her paws, so she kept at a distance of ten meters from him.
As a result, he just didn’t do anything, and quietly sneaked up, disguised himself, hid in the reeds, turned into a merman, even tried to turn into a kikimora, but there is no feeling that the bird flew all to the south. As a result, he spat on the hunt and decided to move towards the car, angry as hell and cursing everyone from the eye-catching neighbor to the wrong water, so today is not his day.

Passing through a loose field, he tangled through something, looked around and noticed that something was sticking out of the ground, took out a piece of rusty iron, could not understand what kind of thing he found, he thought to himself it would be better if it was a treasure, but did not throw it away find, I decided to come home and read what it was, in appearance it looked like a saber or sword.

The cost of coins of the Russian Federation — price catalog

All coins minted in the Russian Federation can be divided into several groups. The value of a coin sometimes depends on which group it belongs to.

  • Anniversary, non-precious
  • Anniversary, from precious metals
  • Exceptional pieces and collections
  • Current Table with coin prices 1991 — 1993.
  • Coins of the modern Russian Federation 1997 — 2019


The entire volume of coins that were minted in the Russian Federation, starting from the collapse of the USSR and until 2019, can be divided into several main subspecies:

  • Coins that were regularly minted before the denomination procedure;
  • Coins regularly minted after denomination;
  • Coins made of base metals dedicated to any anniversary;
  • Anniversary and commemorative coins minted from precious metals;
  • Exceptions.

Regular, before the denomination

These are coins that are dated 1992 and 1993, with a face value from a ruble to a hundred rubles inclusive. This list includes not only ordinary coins, but also those that were minted in a metal different from their subgroup or issued on the basis of someone else’s blanks. Their list is very extensive, and the real price of each can differ significantly from the indicated face value — the real value of the coins can be found in the Catalog of Coins of Modern Russia.

…after denomination

Coins of the second group have been minted since 1997. It includes unique coins — the latter are highly valued by collectors. Also, this group included coins with confused coinage and base metal, as well as banknotes made to order. The most popular in the group are the 2003 issue rubles and the 2001 coins — rare but expensive specimens, it is not known how they ended up in circulation. The cost of coins of this group can exceed the face value by several orders of magnitude.

Anniversary, non-precious

The group of commemorative coins made of base metals is made up of the total volume of all issued coins dedicated to any event or person. It includes both mass and collector’s items. The brightest and most famous representatives of this group:

  • bimetallic banknotes with a face value of 10 rubles from a planned series dedicated to three subjects of the Russian Federation: the Chechen Republic, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Perm Territory;
  • coins dedicated to the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Their cost is calculated on the basis of catalog values, adjusted for the current auction coefficients.

Anniversary, from precious metals

The fourth group includes coins minted from platinum, palladium, gold and silver. They are represented by an extremely long list of coins issued both before and after the denomination procedure.

The list of commemorative coins made of precious metals includes collection items, as well as investment coins (made of gold of the highest standard).

Exceptional pieces and collections

Exceptions from the general division of coins are collected in separate catalogs of banknotes with special properties:

  • Coins minted for the needs of the Arktikugol enterprise located in Svalbard;
  • Trial coinage, never released into mass circulation;
  • Thematic and annual sets of coins of the Bank of Russia, issued in different years.

The cost of coins of this subject, in general, is significantly different from their face value. For example, a set of four 1993 coins from the Arktikugol set with a total nominal value of 168 rubles is estimated in a number of catalogs at 2.8 thousand rubles.

I recommend:  1 kopeck is a valuable coin

What — how much

To calculate the actual value of the coins of the Russian Federation, you should carefully study the electronic catalogs compiled on the basis of the archive database of auctions. Thus, it is possible to study the dynamics of actual prices for almost any coin of the Russian Federation from the moment of its inception to the present day.

The cost of coins of the Russian Federation — Current catalog of coins of the Russian Federation 

Current Table with coin prices 1991 — 1993.


The price of 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation.

Numismatists consider such a coin as 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation, as one of the most valuable, it really takes not the last place, you can even say the first — if you take at face value in the collections of both professional numismatists and completely newbies. A few centuries ago, a penny occupied a significant role in trade, now the production of such coins has been stopped, but people, trade institutions and banks still use them.

This coin lost its value in terms of the economy, it became simply economically unprofitable to mint them, but on the contrary, it became interesting for numismatists. It will become more and more difficult to meet a penny every year, respectively, its value increases and arouses interest among experienced collectors who will always appreciate it. The coin issued in 1997 is especially interesting now. Its main advantage lies in its excellent condition.

Why coins are so valued and considered rare

The value is determined not only by the year in which the coin was issued, but also by the frequency of occurrence in the general circulation, the circulation of the coin, as well as elements that are invisible to the average layman, for example:

— additional decorative elements on the reverse and obverse;
— the merging of letters and their location on the surface of the product.

It is especially recommended for novice collectors to purchase sets consisting of 1 kopeck, rather than collecting one piece at a time, especially since their price is still not too high.

One of the most expensive types of coins.

One of the most expensive types of one-kopeck coins, experts consider 1 kopeck in 2011 — the price is at its peak today and this is not the limit. The price hangs in the range of 300-400 thousand Russian rubles, and this is for a modern coin of Russia! And if she breaks free, then no one numismatist collector will catch up with 1 kopeck of Russia.

Types of coins

As for the varieties of kopecks, the following options can be distinguished:

  • A penny issued in 1997 in St. Petersburg. Among all species, it is the least common and really hard to find. It is especially difficult to find a coin in good condition, since they have been actively used by citizens of the Russian Federation for more than 20 years. The cost of 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation can reach up to 400 rubles, more expensive options can only be found in sets. Accordingly, each person is able to afford to add such an “exhibit” to the collection.
  • It is also worth highlighting the 2006 coin. There are several types: created in St. Petersburg, in Moscow. Their cost is no more than a few rubles, but there is a penny issued in St. Petersburg. The main difference of this coin lies in the non-standard arrangement of letters, they are as close as possible to the ornament. The cost of such a product increases to 1100 rubles, but may vary depending on the condition.
  • Kopek 2008, it was also issued in the capital and in the St. Petersburg Mint. You can meet such coins, so the price  of 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation does not rise higher than 5 rubles.
  • As for the product of 2009, it was also produced in the cultural capital and in Moscow. Such coins are still actively used in everyday life, the cost does not exceed its face value, respectively, this option does not interest numismatists at all.

There are other types, more valuable, which were produced in small editions, or commemorative versions. Since 1 kopeck goes down in history, experienced numismatists have already collected a separate collection for themselves and are waiting for these exhibits to become valuable.

Where to sell 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation: popular auctions

Where to sell coins of the Russian Federation! Without cheating, where they will appreciate: popular auctions. The sale of valuable coins is a promising business, the popularity of such a business is only increasing every year. In addition, the number of people wishing to acquire the rarest types of money is regularly increasing.
Consider several auctions for the sale of coins that are now popular among numismatists:

  • Konros is a great option for experienced collectors. This platform was created 17 years ago, but in one year of its existence, it was able to achieve demand and trust from customers. To participate in the sale of coins at the auction, it is enough to go through a simple registration and leave information about yourself.
  • ANUMIS is also an interesting site for trading. In addition to trade, the site’s employees provide services for the professional evaluation of exhibits.

In addition to the options listed above, for the sale of 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation, we recommend using the services of the Volmar auction. Now it is at the peak of its popularity; experienced collectors are regularly found here looking for exclusive types of coins.