Children found a treasure

Students found coins of Sigismund III

I am a biology teacher, I teach the fifth grade, at the next lesson we needed soil to study. No one suspected that it was on this day that a secret that had been hidden from us for many years would be revealed. The children came out and dispersed throughout the school grounds. Mitya and Volodya discovered the Polish coins first.
They began to dig the soil under the oak, Mitya felt that the shovel had hit a hard surface. The student, raking the ground with his hands, saw fragments of a clay pot. Digging shards from the ground, the boy noticed a few old coins, continuing to pull out the remnants of the container, he got more and more money of unknown origin.

The student called me and showed me his find. I invited the guys to dig further. As a result, they got a pile of coins from under the oak. Not knowing what to do with them, colleagues called the police, and they called the archaeologists. It turned out that these were Polish coins from the reign of Sigismund III, in total there were about a thousand.

In the place where the boys dug up the value, there was a church nearby, according to experts, its employees could hide the money. The second version is that the cache was made by ordinary middle-class people.

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