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Coin 10 rubles — price

Coin 10 rubles — price

The cost of a coin is 10 rubles

Non-anniversaries are made from 2009 to the present day, the only year when they were not produced was 2014, which is associated with overproduction. Consider simple tens with an eagle reverse. There are more than 100 pieces in my collection collected from store change of such money, in order to find out which coin is less common, I sorted them out by years.

2009 and 2016 turned out to be the least of all, in second place was 2010, out of 30 pieces, only three SPMD. The 2011 series accounted for 30% of all available, St. Petersburg ones were not found there, since they are intended for sale in sets. Accordingly, the smallest number of coins can be sold at auction, while it has one “but”. The highest price is 10 rubles of the 2010 SPMD only twenty, the cost of the rest is one and a half face value, if in excellent condition.

There were also defective ones in my collection, you can get up to a thousand for them. These include «chervonets» with a bite, not minted — when the drawing is poorly visible and the rotation of the obverse image relative to the reverse side. For example, a misplaced 180-degree head sells a coin for 500, and a one-sided bite sells for 1,000. However, they become significant if they are varieties that I don’t have. The difference from the standard depends on the year, details in the table.

Coin price 10 rubles anniversary

Anniversary are divided into serial and non-serial. The full list is shown below, as well as the price of off-series.

The price of commemorative coins, table

As we can see, the “census” coin has the most sonorous number on the list, the section of ministries costs 120, cities of Russia 50 — 250. Regions from 30, the most worthwhile, are the Perm Territory — 3000, the Chechen Republic 7000, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug 10,000. Other issues 30 — 100. The coin of 10 rubles «eternal flame» is the most interesting in appearance, it is often given to patriots and just friends by the ninth of May.

Anniversary ones, as in the case of bimetallic ones, become more expensive if they are related to marriage, but not related to the quality of the material. So, a dark or pink shade of metal indicates further damage to the coin, after which it loses its importance for the collector.

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My advice for the future is to give up the idea of ​​spending all the tens you have. Leave one of each type. The price of 10 rubles will certainly increase in a few years, since the circulation, maybe a million, but definitely limited.

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