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Coins of the Russian Empire

Coins of the Russian Empire

Coins of such rare years of issue are valued for their history, belonging to the last century full of amazing changes. One such coin can be very expensive, it is not only 100,000 rubles, but also the price reaches a million.

The gold coin of the Russian Empire 5 rubles 1898 of Nicholas II was issued by the SPMD in an impressive circulation — more than 50 million copies. There are only a few varieties. Differences in the edge are smooth and patterned, the second difference is the reverse turn by 180 degrees.

The last version of the coinage

The latter version was minted in small quantities, so now its price is not known. The most common, it is with a patterned edge, it costs $ 200 — $ 350, depending on the quality of the surface. In 1886, a silver ruble was issued, with a circulation much smaller than the previous one — almost 500,000.

It is interesting that six people worked on the coin, first of all, the portrait of the emperor was corrected several times, or rather, four, that is how many trial rubles of those years are available. “Won” minted under the direction of Griliches Avraham. There are 3 types available to numismatists, among which the differences are only in the outline of the portrait, so it can be smaller than usual or the emperor’s look is livelier when compared with others, and the emperor on the reverse has a short or elongated beard. Accordingly, the cost of the coins of the Russian Empire will also be different. For example, a large portrait will go for $100,00, and a smaller one, for a price that is not known to anyone, since the ruble is the rarest.

Catherine II resumed the issue of five kopecks in 1788.

It was issued under the signs of MM, SPM, TM, KM, EM, TM, in other words, it is a mint of five mints. Material — copper, gourde mesh or cord-like. All coins have a mesh edge, except for those marked with the letters KM. In addition, kopecks have different patterns of eagles, the placement of the letters «MM» (under the eagle or on the side) and obverse patterns. Numismatists sell them for a minimum of 150 or a maximum of 22,000 dollars.

Pavel the First issued in 1798 a decree on the minting of one copper kopeck by the courts of Yekaterinburg and Suzun. If the first species is common, since there were 19 million of them, then the second is rare (180,000 pieces), and therefore expensive. The discrepancy at the edges is the inclination of the corded image to the left or right. The cost of a rare $ 1900.

Copper 10 kopecks were made in the difficult financial situation of the empire. Peter the First the Third decided to use the method of replenishing the treasury proposed by Prince Shuvalov. To check the correctly chosen action, seven yards were engaged in the release of a rhinestone, in total 7 million copies were obtained. The price varies from 250 to 3000 dollars.

valuation of coins of the Russian Empire

As you can see, the evaluation of the coins of the Russian Empire is quite complicated, but if you know all the nuances, you can sell profitably. The safety, on which the value of the rarity depends, is also taken into account, it is clear that covered with rust spots, it requires cleaning, but even after it, the cost remains not the highest.

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