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Cop — the value of the coins of the finds.

Findings of objects by a man, how much are the coins found? How many more treasures does the Russian forest hide?

The forest was a good camouflage shelter for bandits from the main road, you don’t even need to take it far, the well-known Nightingale the Robber thundered throughout Rus’. Many legends said that in that forest, and not a person at all, but real fiends, a formidable monster, from the whistle of which, the horses fell under the heroes.

And Ilya Muromets got up after 33 years of paralysis, at the call of the elders, and entered the terrible, dark, formidable forest boiling with evil spirits. The whistle of the robber raised the wind, leaves, branches flew towards Ilya, but the horse and hero held on with all their might. Ilya was still able to stay in the saddle. Having reached the one who was whistling, with one blow to the teeth, the whistling stopped.
A mournful body sat in front of the hero, pleading for forgiveness in his eyes. 100 times the robber regretted that he ran into the wrong person. After calming the robber, the hero delivered him to Prince Vladimir.

The prince tied the nightingale to a pole so that the people would no longer be afraid to walk through the forest, because there is no longer a terrible monster, in that forest, the Russian hero can cope with any evil spirit — but these are all legends, and where is the truth and where is the lie you decide.

I’m talking about a robber, why? And besides, there were so many such robbers, bandits who could not carry all the loot with them, so they were looking for places for their hiding places. The best place for burying a treasure is a forest, with many landmarks so that you can easily find the place where you hid your treasure.

Where to look for treasure?

If you decide to look for treasure — the best places to find treasure: forest — pay special attention, next to large settlements; individual ancient trees; wells, large granite stones, in general, all those places whose landmarks look against the backdrop of the terrain — unusual!

Kop — the value of the coins of the finds

The man often goes out to detect, and today this is not his first outing, but he himself could not believe that he had found royal coins — although these are not rare finds, it is still nice to have such things in your hand.

Money is 1745, the state is, of course, quite sad, but let’s see how much a coin of money costs. I looked at reputable sites and concluded the coin was a gift from Catherine — it costs an average of 100 rubles, a sad price, although old.

Another find, Nicholas I, this time the coins look much better than the first, I already had time to look at the prices. The cost of the royal coin of a penny of Nicholas I in 1852 is 1000 rubles, you know, I have been looking for a long time, the price of a penny coin starts from 100 rubles, I think it’s not bad. From the average sales, I concluded that 1000 Russian rubles, for the cost of a royal penny in excellent condition, is not the limit.

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