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Dug out old weapons in the garden

He inherited not only a house — he dug weapons in the garden

As you know, no matter what we are fond of, life always brings together people of common interests. That’s what happened this time as well. During heavy rain, I went to a cafe, there were no empty seats, so I had to sit next to a group of young people. One of them told the story, where the old weapon appears.

The guy inherited a private house, which, according to estimates, is about a hundred years old. Three rooms, old things, including the well-known Singer typewriter, USSR rubles — paper and coins, porcelain figurines, luxurious downy shawls that our grandmothers wore. Near the house, a beautiful, fruitful garden, trees protect the house from the scorching sun in summer.

In the garden there is a small plot for a vegetable garden, during the paperwork, it was a little overgrown with grass. The hero of our story, an avid lover of growing vegetables, as he said, is a habit instilled from childhood by his beloved grandmother. Armed with all the necessary tools, he began to get rid of weeds while digging up the soil.

While working on the corner of the site, I suddenly felt that the shovel rested against something hard. How the box lay for so long is not entirely clear, after all, the earth dug many times. Apparently, it was he who was supposed to find the treasure. Inside lay a holster where there was an old weapon. In the same place, documents in a foreign language and cartridges were stored in the package.

The young man took his find to the police, the check and examination showed that the inside of the old weapon was in good condition, despite the “age” a little less than the inherited house.

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