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Farmer finds Roman silver coins

A farmer’s friend found silver coins in the field.

One of my friends met a friend, it turned out that recently he has been fond of searching for treasures, gold coins with the help of a metal detector. The main part of exploration is fields and forest-steppes, and since my friend is a farmer, and even a connoisseur of history, he showed interest by inviting a friend to explore his possessions.

The treasure hunter started with a field sown with wheat, the farmer agreed to risk the future harvest in order to touch the rare finds. We started right in the middle, because the legend was about living here centuries earlier, the Roman legionnaires. The chance of finding something was high. The finds appeared ten minutes after the first explored meter.

The thickened metal ring had no patterns or other signs of the past. The next thing was a small silver coin, after it, a real valuable acquisition appeared. The owner of the territory was absent when the lover of treasures raised cries of admiration. The metal detector emitted signals for non-ferrous metal, only a few digs revealed a pot, presumably full of coins.

It was not possible to get it quickly, friends were afraid to damage the integrity of the old container and did not even think that they had found silver coins. Having dug out completely, they immediately took the heavy pot for examination. The check lasted about a month, inside there were silver coins, or rather Roman denarii of the third century AD, more than a thousand pieces.

found silver coins on the field

The material of manufacture is not only silver, but also bronze. The found coins were handed over to the museum having received the due compensation from the state, which amounted to two thousand dollars, if translated from Russian rubles.

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