Finding a pensioner

Petrovich often goes out into the forest for berries, mushrooms in the winter, he puts loops on a small animal, a hare sometimes meets a marten, since he has been retired for fifteen years, after he came out to her, he and his wife decided to move further from the city, with health his wife was in trouble and the doctors advised to go out into nature more often.

They consulted with their son for a long time and he helped them, gave half the money to buy a country house, the rest were with pensioners, the good news is that Petrovich was a military man all his life and saved up as much money as possible, the only thing he regretted was that he had not reached the rank of general, and retired with the rank of colonel, and he regrets it purely because of the larger pension and various privileges of higher ranks, but this is all in the past and let’s return to the present.

Being pensioners, he was offered to become a forester part-time, because the characteristic is good, and there were simply not enough of them in their settlement, and there were definitely not enough good boys of poachers, he agreed. For all the time he worked, he met only one couple of poachers, whom he himself tied up right in front of the car, they had already managed to load the boar into the back of GAZIK, he even almost shot at one of them, started yelling, screaming yes, I’ll you, but our Petrovich was a military man and he was no stranger to screamers. He warned and tied the screamers, then called the district and chief forester, they arrived, drew up a protocol for the illegal hunting of the beast, took them away and subsequently took them to court. The court issued a verdict to the poachers, a purely minor fine, but this is such a thing, yes, our hero was upset, but that was a long time ago.

Finding an untouched German dugout for pensioners

Petrovich once again entered the forest, taking his gun with him, he always went along the path familiar to him, but this time he took a map with him, decided to change the route a little, it was already the end of August, but the heat was mama don’t worry. He walked between the trees and noticed a sharp depression, he decided to check what it was, he scattered a bunch of branches and realized that it looked like some kind of structure, a view of an underground house opened up in front of him, from above the roof consisted of powerful rails, he tried to go there but it didn’t work out, he decided to write the place on the map and return for help.

He returned home, and began to call the chief inspector Vasilievich, saying that it looks like he came across a dugout, he heard an important suggestion and came to him.

Together they armed themselves with shovels and moved back into the forest.

Already having arrived at the place, they began to scatter branches together, the earth from the passage, going inside, they saw what the pensioner found, although there was little space, a lot was destroyed and littered with earth, but they managed to dig out one German machine gun, though it was very rusty, it lay almost on top, two German helmets, a gas mask.

all the objects led them to the assumption that it was a German dugout, and there was a fortification, there was a river a hundred meters away and from this point a wonderful view of it opened up, plus, according to old maps, it was expensive there.

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