Finds from the Civil War

Finds from the Civil War

This story and the film itself is dedicated to the civil war that took place in Russia in 1918 and the worst shipwreck in the history of the Chinese state. Confrontations continue in the country, which claim thousands of lives of both civilians and soldiers. The Communist Party is becoming more and more strengthened in its positions, which leads to the fall of the opposing white force, forced to flee to the fields of France. At the very epicenter of the plot there will be several people, each of whom has his own goals. But they will be united by a terrible tragedy when they all gather on board the ship.

The whole color of the Russian nation is forced to flee abroad from the Bolsheviks

Almost all the peasants remained illiterate, poor and lived in hopeless need.

The young soldier Vladimir witnessed the death of the general, who asked him to fulfill his last request. The guy has to go to Taiwan to fulfill his warlord’s will. Elena is a young Russian woman who went in search of her lover. The general’s wife is trying to do everything possible to whitewash the name of her husband, accused of treason. Petrovich is a doctor forced to go to Russia to find his younger brother. A young man is involved in civil strife and a relative is about to take him back home. All these people who boarded the ship on the eve of the New Year did not know that none of them would ever reach the final goal.

To this day, the civil war makes itself felt, the finds of archaeologists confirm this