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Abandoned house where everything is preserved

Abandoned, interesting not only for its content, it is a part of history, which gradually, before our eyes, disappears into oblivion. This building was like that, but closed from everyone, in order to get inside and take a few photos, I had to risk my health.

I won’t show the building at close range on purpose, so as not to attract people who want to steal the last thing left there. You can enter the building only by stairs through the attic, and you had to go down the rope. The house was very old, the rotten boards under my feet frightened me with their appearance, however, the attic withstood my weight.

When I got upstairs, I began to inspect the things stored there. Attention was drawn to the frame from the old bicycle and the wheels from it, bearings in the old suitcase. Dilapidated clothes hung on a cord, dusty bags on the floor, which I didn’t even want to touch.

Going down the stairs, I immediately realized that I got here first — everything was in its place. There is a clock and a kerosene lamp on the Soviet-era table, medicines in an old carved chest of drawers, a box of fishing line. There was a radio near the wall, and plastic lids for jars inside the refrigerator. In the kitchen cupboard I found a chocolate bar, which, according to the date of manufacture, is more than ten years old.

The second room of the abandoned building was a complete mess, the items were no longer so neat. The main part of things is tools — adjustable wrenches, nuts, planers. In the suitcase on the table lay a bunch of keys, rusty locks.

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