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Hunter found treasure instead of game

Vasily has been a member of the community of hunters for many years, and then the day came in late autumn when he was able to get out on his favorite thing, hunt ducks.
He took his beloved dog Rex and sat down, inviting a neighbor to the front seat in a Lada 09 brand car, and moved closer, to the already familiar river, in the thicket of commissaries he heard a familiar rumble, this is definitely my day, but something went wrong, a shot and his whole pile of game soared into the sky, even the dog was frightened not from the shot itself, but from surprise when the whole flock rose sharply.

The man decided to wander a little, along the river, he began to think to himself what had gone wrong and how it was that he had missed something, as if a neighbor had jinxed him, he thought, because although it was dawn, before leaving he closed the gates of the house and here she she was drawn, saying hello to Vasily from behind, he didn’t stutter a little from surprise and squatted down.

Of course, he politely answered her, hello, my light, that you Petrovna are not light at dawn, are you wandering about so early, scaring people? Yes, I decided to leave for the city earlier, I need to buy a gift for my granddaughter. Vasily — couldn’t you have done it yesterday? did you know perfectly well that today is Elena’s birthday? no, she couldn’t, because she returned late, while she fed the cattle, this and that, and here it was already dawn. Won’t you take me? Of course I’ll give you a lift, like I now have a choice — I thought to myself.

It’s as if she jinxed it, all the way asking what and how, what I’m going for, I’m not going, but food, so I arrived, damn all the game I was scared away with my croaking, it’s clear that it’s better to blame anyone but not yourself with a crooked hand.

The hunter instead of game found a treasure, he could not even understand at first what he had found

Still, I just arrived, maybe I’ll be lucky and my duck will fly to me for lunch, he rushed to walk along the reeds, and the water was ankle-deep, but this did not stop him from moving around and not getting his feet wet because he was shod in high boots.

The dog followed him not far, she definitely didn’t put on her boots, and she didn’t have much desire to wet her paws, so she kept at a distance of ten meters from him.
As a result, he just didn’t do anything, and quietly sneaked up, disguised himself, hid in the reeds, turned into a merman, even tried to turn into a kikimora, but there is no feeling that the bird flew all to the south. As a result, he spat on the hunt and decided to move towards the car, angry as hell and cursing everyone from the eye-catching neighbor to the wrong water, so today is not his day.

Passing through a loose field, he tangled through something, looked around and noticed that something was sticking out of the ground, took out a piece of rusty iron, could not understand what kind of thing he found, he thought to himself it would be better if it was a treasure, but did not throw it away find, I decided to come home and read what it was, in appearance it looked like a saber or sword.

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