Landfill finds

Findings by a man in a modern landfill, if you want to see what the people of Germany throw out, then you should come to me.

For various reasons, people go abroad. Most for earnings: to get smart from Western partners, I mean education — although I don’t think that our education is worse! Unless you just need to pay for everything, but guys, in Germany, England, education is many times more expensive, then we conclude that the rich go to study, and not those guys who will walk through the modern dumps of Germany, harvest the crops sown by local residents.

Today I came across one video, and I saw the light of what the Western economy has come to, no, I envy quite a bit, I hope that we, too, will live many times better than the Germans in the next raging one — the main thing is to live until retirement, after the current reform. And there you can walk through the dumps, because our pension is only enough for what the Germans throw out.

Okay, let’s see, another exit to the dump of Germany, men, below I will leave the name of the channel on YouTube, so that there are no complaints in terms of using someone else’s material.

Finds by a man in a modern landfill — Germany, people live, everything is ahead of us. The first finds: the cable from the iPhone is absolutely in working condition, the price is around 5 euros; several phones, two of which are working — the only thing missing is a charger for them; and the main find in the landfill is cool wire cutters! Let’s go further.

Found phones in a landfill, not the latest models, but working, even in Russia, they can be sold for 300 rubles. Do not know in Germany, the cost of boo phones! — It will be necessary to study this issue with the price.

The finds of phones, the dump is a terrible force.

Further found: navigator and hard drive. The navigator turns on, but the display is broken, the man is not going to repair the display, except that if the same model comes across in the future, then it will be possible to replace it.

The hard drive — even with a seal, but did not check for operability, another time. Let’s go further to consider, the finds in the landfill, what else can be found.

An awesome vintage find, a radio-controlled car, put in the batteries and went to remember my childhood.

And how do you guys wi-fi router, in excellent condition, works like a Swiss watch:

Finding a mega in a landfill in Germany

After recharging the found phone, it turns on, rings, receives calls, a great find in a landfill, these are the things the Germans throw out. We keep all this in closets, attics, for several reasons, it’s a pity to part, suddenly come in handy, I paid money for it — I won’t throw it away!

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