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Lieutenant of the Soviet army (1941)

There were fierce battles near Leningrad, the Soviet army steadfastly held the defense, there was only one thing, the soldiers kept coming and coming and did not have time to take out the dead and wounded.

Soldiers in the trenches defense of Leningrad

photo source Defense of Leningrad

Many fighters ended up in the hospital with severe, wounded, those who were lightly wounded tried to go back and help their brothers, and even more so if the fighter himself was from the city that he needed to protect German fascism.

The lieutenant of the Soviet army received a penal battalion for two words

After the military hospital, about two dozen fighters got to the distributor, since their regiment was disbanded, before that the main part was defeated by the Germans.

photo source military hospital 1941

A young lieutenant, fresh from a military school, was seconded to them.

photo source The lieutenant of the Soviet army received a penal battalion for two words

The lieutenant did not stand on ceremony for a long time, he built the fighters and began to teach the mind to the mind of the soldiers who fought in the trenches for almost three months, ate, sewed, washed, fired back under German bombing and shelling.

He uttered the famous phrase “You are rear rats” — you are chilling in the hospital, and the Soviet army is fighting for you, so that you eat and drink alcohol with the nurses. To his misfortune, these words were heard by a major from intelligence, and in an orderly tone ordered him to appear at the commandant’s office. both of them went to the commandant.

commandant’s office

The major drew up a report on the lieutenant, and in a nutshell told him, what do you think, these fighters steadfastly held the lines on the outskirts of Leningrad, shed blood while you were studying, and you scatter such phrases, what were you only taught in your school ?! the commandant immediately reacted, arrested the lieutenant and referred the case to the tribunal for consideration.

Tribunal decision

His case was considered by four officers of the Soviet army, it took 7 minutes for everything, and the decision of the tribunal was announced: to demote to the rank and file and send the battalion to a fine.

The penal battalion is neither for you nor this.

Of course, it’s good to judge from the outside, to see who is right and who is to blame, but there was a cruel war and, as you know from history, you could thunder for absolutely nothing, even if you looked askance at a bad commander, what to say if you hit him in the face, you could calmly do this shoot, even without a sentence, stupidly lead to the dugout and you are already in heaven.

In this case, of course, the lieutenant was wrong, but what can you do with the young, hot, because he still didn’t know anything at all about the war, people, what a school was, how long he had been taught there for three months, and who were his teachers ?!

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