Mega finds in a German landfill

Mega finds in a German landfill that just don’t throw people away, everything looks like their pensions and salaries are enough, not only for food, but also for new expensive purchases. Not a dump, but a real «Free» — a manufactured goods supermarket, in our case, a «super dump» is free.

Bosch electric machine for metal cutting. It’s just possible, cut the grape arch into metal, if you don’t have enough money until retirement again.

Works like clockwork. Just a mega find in a junkyard. You can immediately see that people have enough pensions, and salaries, not only for the product, but also for new things.

The branded drill — after being plugged into the 220 network — buzzed like new, I’m sure that it will serve a good owner for many more years, although a bad one too, the main thing is not to throw the drill into the water — at the same time plugging it into the electrical network.

One drill will not be enough, you never know, suddenly the son wants to fasten the boards on a sled, here’s another drill from the landfill for you in reserve.
The drill from the company — Master Craft — works 100%, excellent appearance, it seems that it was not actually used, so cleanly got rid of trash in the garage.

Do you need Bulgarian? After turning it on, it buzzed, as if it were just from the conveyor!, with one, but the plug is slightly bent, but after two movements with pliers, the plug enters the electrical network and comes out like a knife in melted butter!

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