Mega treasure find

The cache with the Mega treasure was found by a man in his grandmother’s house. Where did the Mega gold disappear to?

I want to tell you an interesting and instructive story, I don’t even know whether to cry from pity for the lucky one or laugh at the loser, or maybe cry for our police. What brave guys we have serving and working in the Kursk police, true defenders of private property. I don’t argue, a lot of great guys serve in the police, there are true defenders of human rights and they are even ready to take my grandmother across the road.

The man decided to make repairs, fix the old building, near the house, the man inherited the house from his grandmother. I found a hiding place under one of the rotten boards, took out a glass bottle from it, from which I poured out gold coins of Nicholas II of various denominations.

There were 260 coins in the treasure — a mega find, according to the most conservative estimates of experts, the value of the treasure is 6,000,000 rubles.

The lucky man happily told reporters about his grandmother:

  • My grandmother was an excellent governess, a masterful woman, she often altered things for people, treated people — everything was paid to her, they paid for her help. Grandma saved money all her life. As we can see from the discovery of the golden treasure, not all the wealth was kept on a savings book.

He took the mega find, under the grandmother’s barn, to the good policeman for legality, and began to wait, examinations, and a reward !!!

You can sell such finds — because the man found them in his house — from the words of a lawyer. But the man, for his own reasons, (maybe conscience, illiteracy in the laws) decided to take the find to the police.

The good policeman seized everything as it should be, the protocol, the inventory and added the words:

— 10 days will pass, if there is no crime on gold coins, theft, murder, we will return everything to the heir.

A mega find — which can make anyone rich, make happy, but is it really so?

10 days have passed, even a little more than 6 years, but the man did not see his treasure in gold coins, why? Where did the mega find go — sounded on all TV channels, newspapers of the city of Kursk, and throughout the country.

Freaks from the museum — did not have the right to decide

At the beginning, the eccentrics from the museum recognized the gold coins as a historical value, as it turned out through the court, illegally. According to experts, the coins from the hoard did not represent any historical value, since they were issued in millions of copies, among them there were no rare exhibits valuable for history. The main thing that the court found out was that the representative of the local history museum did not have the right to decide whether the coins have historical value — normal!

That’s what the law says!

Even if it turned out that the treasure with gold coins was of historical value, the man was entitled to compensation, a reward of 50% of the value of the coins, as the law says!

But money, reward — the lucky man could not get, why?

We recommend: a car is always a necessary purchase, and even with a cache

After they took out a box of gold coins from the evidence room of the police station, it turned out to be metal in the form of wrenches — stunned, an investigation is underway.

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