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Price 50 kopecks 2001 more than 100,000 rubles

Price 50 kopecks 2001 more than 100,000 rubles

The history of the discovery of 50 kopecks in 2001 is much more interesting than just watching TV

Marya gets up early every morning to gather Zhenya and Tasya to school, prepares breakfast for them, there will be a daily reminder, the children get up, brush their teeth, wash their faces and sit down to have breakfast, she is just tired of repeating the same thing. May morning was no different from ordinary everyday life, except for one thing, she found a coin worth it, but after that she herself did not know how much a modern Russian coin could cost, and the price of 50 kopecks is simply amazing.

After Marya sent the children to school, she got into a minibus and went to the store, she needed to buy Zhenya shoes, because the kid is energetic and the shoes are torn like toilet paper, you can say you need to buy it weekly, but you can’t buy it on her salary.

Buying shoes for Zhenya in the store She went to the store and chose suitable sandals, since it’s May on the street and you already need to buy open shoes and it’s good for your mother, you always strain with money, and sandals, in her opinion, should cost less than winter shoes, well, maybe but she was wrong, they cost exactly as much as the girls’ shoes for the graduation bell in the first grade. Nevertheless, she bought shoes for her son, went to the market, bought a young potato with strawberries and went to a bus stop, they often want minibuses, she jumped into Beshka a minibus and she started off, when calculating her driver counted a bunch of little things, then she immediately answered him where to me her? the driver I have no other change, they say, she did not argue for a long time, she decided to let it be so.

When she got off the minibus, she looked back and gave the driver a bad look.

A trip in a fixed-route taxi turned out to be a profitable business

Arriving home, she carefully put a new purchase for her son in the pantry with shoes, carefully reviewed the products and scattered them in their places. A mother of two children received a coin worth more than 100,000 rubles for change, went to the child for shoes and got rich Already managed and sat down on a chair closer to dinner, picked up a trifle and began to examine it, even her ex-husband taught her to collect, examine coins.

On one of them I saw an unfamiliar date of minting, it was guys a coin of 50 kopecks in 2001 , the price of 50 kopecks reaches from 100,000 Russian rubles, my advice is to pay attention to all the little things received for change, no matter where ….

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The most expensive 50 kopecks in Russia from 100,000 This is how a mother of two children received a coin worth 100,000 Russian rubles for change, the state did not give a decent allowance, but God helped her, well done …

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