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Rare rubles — varieties, price

Rare rubles — varieties, price

Among the expensive ones, numismatists celebrate not only pennies, old ones and anniversaries. If you have species released between 1997 and 2016, we suggest that you carefully study the text below to make sure of the value in terms of external differences and the year of manufacture.

1997 and 1999 copies

The expensive ruble coin of 1997 was minted by two mints, but only two types issued by MMD are considered expensive. Distinctive «features» are a wide, stepped edging of the obverse. This variety can be sold for 4000.

If you meet the same species without a similar edging, the price of the coin will increase to 10,000. They are also expensively presented with marriage, for example, with a thicker plant pattern, a stripe on the obverse or reverse. A coin of 1997 in a simple version costs only 30, more expensive with the image of Pushkin, if well preserved, it is estimated at 600.

Rare rubles 2003, 2009

The coin of the 2003th SPMD was planned to be added to the collection set, but it so happened that the entire circulation of 15,000 pieces was sold throughout the country. It is not known exactly how much it is valued, such a rare ruble can cost at least 20,000. The same year of issue, marked with the MMD stamp, is sold on forums for 30,000.

A rare copy of 2009 was made on a blank for cupronickel inserts to create an anniversary set. It is thicker than usual — 1.9 mm, and weighs 4.4 grams. Price 20,000.

Expensive rubles 2014, 2016

A variety of 2014, made on a blank for 50 kopecks, which is considered an expensive marriage. It differs from the rest in its characteristic color, the cost is 20,000. There is also a bimetallic defect MMD, offered to collectors for 30,000.

Rare rubles 2016, these are defective on non-magnetic blanks with a beveled edging worth 6000 or an unmarked image of one of the sides for 8000.

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The indicated prices refer to rare coins of good quality, as for defective coins, everything here depends on the degree of damage, the assessment in this case is made individually.

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