Russian expensive coins — what to look for

Russian expensive coins — what to look for

Varieties of Russian expensive coins

Coins of any country keep a part of history, if you take a ruble and look at the date, you can remember what happened that year. Some of them, in addition to historical events, also bring monetary benefits. One valuable penny forgotten by someone on the window turns out to be a rarity worth up to 50,000 rubles.

Russian expensive coins are valued for a variety of reasons, this is the date of issue, a slightly modified design, a small circulation. The cost varies up or down depending on the safety and demand in the market. For example, 5 kopecks in 2002 costs 2-3 rubles, it is rare, but not so much that it can be sold for several thousand, and therefore is not in great demand. However, there is a variety without a mint mark, which is estimated at 2500. Demand is more than high

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A year earlier, they released 2 p. with a portrait of Gagarin, again of unknown origin, but at a price of 3000. If we take the usual SPMD, the figure will be many times less. In 2003, the five, already with the designation SPMD under the paw of an eagle, were released in a small edition, it does not have certain special features. Drawing, edging and other details are standard, exhibited on numismatic forums for 6000. Two rubles of SPMD were minted on the same date, it
is sold from 7000, as it differs from its usual copy by a wide or stepped edging, as well as a limited edition.

Another SPMD ruble of the same period costs 10,000, the uniqueness lies in a small amount. A similar denomination, but 2001 MMD, is estimated at up to 30,000, it is believed that this species did not come into use, but several pieces were still sold at auction. The two-ruble MMD of 2001 for 35,000 is also known for not being in circulation, although collectors say otherwise.

The rarest Russian expensive coin is 50 kopecks 2001 MMD. Nothing is known about her at all, we can say that she is surrounded by myths and legends, since she exists, but no one has seen her. The price is impressive — 120,000. Try to find it among your little things, you may be lucky.

Pay attention! Fraudsters often take advantage of the desire of collectors to buy popular copies, forging inexpensive varieties as rare ones, before purchasing for yourself or further sale, study the information about the selected coin well.