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The cost of a pile of royal coins


After the man began to dig a hole, he immediately guessed that this was a real treasure, the only thing he blunted was when selling it, couldn’t it be possible to immediately wash everything, lose a couple of extra hours, and only then decide to sell, well, as they say, it’s business each individual, but it was like this:

At dawn, they went to the village of Preobrazhenka, earlier there was a village, even under Tsar Peas, how our people dress up, they arrived at the place, they realized that you can safely walk across the field, it had already been harvested and not planted with winter, only preparations were underway, really walking it was hard on him, the tractor plowed and left behind him, one might say, pits, trenches. cobblestones from the earth, but the thirst for search could not refuse a possible jackpot.

The guys have been looking for more than five hours, decided to have a snack, gathered near the car, and began to share who found what, our lucky one has not been lucky yet, the only thing he got out of his pocket was a royal button, but it was already the beginning for the treasure, after lunch we decided to change the place search, there was another unexplored field nearby and rushed in different directions.

The man was shocked by the discovery of the treasure, he sold it in bulk and did not even really examine it

This time the field gave him what he always dreamed of, especially when he just arrived at the place, the long-awaited signal rang in one of the places, and he dug up a treasure consisting of a heap of royal copper, after arriving home he could not resist and put his find up for sale , perhaps he got excited, let’s see what he found and for how much he sold …

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He sold the whole royal bunch of small things for $ 890, I’m sure that the cost of royal coins if sold one at a time is many times more expensive.

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