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The cost of coins of the Russian Federation — price catalog

All coins minted in the Russian Federation can be divided into several groups. The value of a coin sometimes depends on which group it belongs to.

  • Anniversary, non-precious
  • Anniversary, from precious metals
  • Exceptional pieces and collections
  • Current Table with coin prices 1991 — 1993.
  • Coins of the modern Russian Federation 1997 — 2019


The entire volume of coins that were minted in the Russian Federation, starting from the collapse of the USSR and until 2019, can be divided into several main subspecies:

  • Coins that were regularly minted before the denomination procedure;
  • Coins regularly minted after denomination;
  • Coins made of base metals dedicated to any anniversary;
  • Anniversary and commemorative coins minted from precious metals;
  • Exceptions.

Regular, before the denomination

These are coins that are dated 1992 and 1993, with a face value from a ruble to a hundred rubles inclusive. This list includes not only ordinary coins, but also those that were minted in a metal different from their subgroup or issued on the basis of someone else’s blanks. Their list is very extensive, and the real price of each can differ significantly from the indicated face value — the real value of the coins can be found in the Catalog of Coins of Modern Russia.

…after denomination

Coins of the second group have been minted since 1997. It includes unique coins — the latter are highly valued by collectors. Also, this group included coins with confused coinage and base metal, as well as banknotes made to order. The most popular in the group are the 2003 issue rubles and the 2001 coins — rare but expensive specimens, it is not known how they ended up in circulation. The cost of coins of this group can exceed the face value by several orders of magnitude.

Anniversary, non-precious

The group of commemorative coins made of base metals is made up of the total volume of all issued coins dedicated to any event or person. It includes both mass and collector’s items. The brightest and most famous representatives of this group:

  • bimetallic banknotes with a face value of 10 rubles from a planned series dedicated to three subjects of the Russian Federation: the Chechen Republic, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and the Perm Territory;
  • coins dedicated to the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Their cost is calculated on the basis of catalog values, adjusted for the current auction coefficients.

Anniversary, from precious metals

The fourth group includes coins minted from platinum, palladium, gold and silver. They are represented by an extremely long list of coins issued both before and after the denomination procedure.

The list of commemorative coins made of precious metals includes collection items, as well as investment coins (made of gold of the highest standard).

Exceptional pieces and collections

Exceptions from the general division of coins are collected in separate catalogs of banknotes with special properties:

  • Coins minted for the needs of the Arktikugol enterprise located in Svalbard;
  • Trial coinage, never released into mass circulation;
  • Thematic and annual sets of coins of the Bank of Russia, issued in different years.

The cost of coins of this subject, in general, is significantly different from their face value. For example, a set of four 1993 coins from the Arktikugol set with a total nominal value of 168 rubles is estimated in a number of catalogs at 2.8 thousand rubles.

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What — how much

To calculate the actual value of the coins of the Russian Federation, you should carefully study the electronic catalogs compiled on the basis of the archive database of auctions. Thus, it is possible to study the dynamics of actual prices for almost any coin of the Russian Federation from the moment of its inception to the present day.

The cost of coins of the Russian Federation — Current catalog of coins of the Russian Federation 

Current Table with coin prices 1991 — 1993.

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