The history of the pyramids in 20 years

The secret of the pyramids — how could they build it in 20 years, without modern technology?

As we are all used to when studying the history of the pyramids, that the knowledge of Egyptologists is based on irrefutable data, we will have to think hard about the real possibilities of creating historical axioms in such a little studied section as Ancient Egypt. And what is one of the most mysterious theories is the origin of the pyramids.

According to the most venerable Egyptologists, the history of the pyramids of Egypt — namely, this state begins to be conducted approximately from 700 BC, since only from this period can Roman and Greek records be compared with them. What happened before?

The difference in numbers can be more than one century or even two! This also applies to the construction of pyramids, such monumental structures — there are many theories and concepts, but not a single confirmed written fact.

And in addition to this, there is no accurate information about the reign of Cheops, whose tomb is allegedly these buildings of the «Pyramid», and in general there is no true data about any of the Egyptian pharaohs. And there are only fragments of papyri and stone sources in a foggy language, which tell about the great construction on Earth. Most of the conclusions are obtained empirically, so we are left alone with the pyramids and the secrets they contain, as well as theories without universal confirmation.

According to modern masons, builders, engineers and architects, it is unrealistic to create such a monumental and high-precision structure as the pyramid of Cheops in a period of 20 years, even with the help of modern technology. But how did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids without technical knowledge? Unless, the ancient Egyptians knew more than modern man!

The secret of the pyramids — how they could build in 20 years

For comparison, consider the size and timing of the construction of another cult building, namely the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, which in terms of the size of the base differs by several percent from the pyramid in Giza, but in no way can it be compared with a height of only 195 feet versus 438 feet. The duration of the construction took a long 160 years, compared with the pyramid of Cheops in just 20!!! It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?

So what is hidden behind these compressed, most likely, artificial terms? And everything, as always, is simple — adjusted facts in our and not only long-suffering history.

If you stretch the time frame for the construction of the pyramids, they will not coincide with the alleged reign of this pharaoh, and the whole song about the tomb will simply disappear into thin air!

And this cannot resist the dominant idea, and all Egyptologists claim that any gossip about the other purpose of the Egyptian pyramids is simply fiction.

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