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The homeless handed over the find for metal

The homeless handed over the find for metal

A homeless man found an expensive item and sold it for scrap

It was early in the morning, the homeless man, as always, got up and left his kennel, he lived with his girlfriend Elena the beautiful — only a memory remained of her beauty, I will continue, they called the kennel an abandoned house on the outskirts of the village of Timoshovka.

He went out and pulled out an iron cart on wheels, the wheels were from an IZH motorcycle, they were also found in the nearest landing, they were half-rusty, but the last money he made, he bought two cameras, with grief he shod rubber in half and pumped it up, fortunately not the tire fitting was far away, in general, a full-fledged service station stood along the highway, something was welded, strengthened by welding, the guys often helped the homeless Vasya, because they knew his history.

Vasya previously served in the military, in Afghanistan — after the DMB, he drank like hell, his wife spat and left, he eventually drank that he signed the docks for the exchange of his two-room apartment in Dnepropetrovsk for a dilapidated two-room house in Timoshevka, something like they paid extra, but we understand that it was a penny.

Since then, he began to live, and go to local plantings and farms to collect metal, in general, to make good money, respectively, he handed over metal also not far from home, the receiver guys already knew him well, they didn’t even deceive him on the scales, since they were quite a penny, and even he brought not the first item that cost mom do not worry.

Eh Vasya, what kind of man were you before Vasya

So this time, the homeless Vasya, with his beautiful girlfriend, rolled from another walk through the fields and forests, threw the metal on the scales, received his daily proceeds and be healthy back home.

The bum handed over the semi-homeless find for metal without remorse, oh, if he only knew how much it costs

The worker from the metal of the collection point has already told me more than one story, but this one impressed me to the cry of the soul, you have to find it and give it away for a penny, such an expensive miracle from ancient Rus’, guys, my advice to you when you decide on cleaning in a garage or a barn, carefully see what you want to print on metal, but call me better, although I am not a great specialist in this field, I can distinguish ancient metal from modern.

It’s bad, of course, that our people are being sold for scrap everything in a row, and how much has already been melted down by the uncle metalworker himself is not known, so our homeless man didn’t even think for a second and stupidly handed everything in, although maybe somewhere far away he thinks that he will find a treasure, although most likely the word treasure he associates it as gold bars, or something like that

If our hero Vasya knew that this was an ancient Scythian Sword, he sold the metal receiver for 104,586 Russian rubles, it was 1699 dollars.

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