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The men found the treasure in the trench

The men found the treasure while laying new pipes, while working, one of them went down into the dug trench and noticed an unusual object that looked like pottery. He dug a little into the ground and took out a fragment from a clay pot, scattering the ground, he noticed gold plus silver coins.

The men found the treasure in the trench

Most of the coins date back to the 1470s and 1480s. Photo: PL

The men were shocked, after a short stop they began to dig up the treasure, in the end they counted 507 coins dated to the fifteenth century. The foreman of the builders did not know what to do, the first option that came to his mind was to run to the pawnshop, find out the cost of the find, the second option was to call the police and let the experts determine the value of the find. Yes, thoughts began to creep up on men, what if they were deceived with a reward.

Nevertheless, they informed the local authorities, archaeologists, journalists, local managers, and public organizations arrived at the site.

Expert archaeologist Peter said in a press statement that today we have a pot of coins — not only stuffed with precious metal but also full of the city’s history.

Male plumbers got their percentages for finding one of them bought a new Toyota from a car dealership.

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