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The pensioner took out a modern coin from the cabinet

The pensioner never did numismatics, collecting coins, the only thing he had was the habit of collecting change, he reasoned like this, I can’t buy anything for five rubles, then I’ll collect a thousand and buy myself glasses.

The pensioner took out a modern coin worth 300,000 rubles from the cabinet

As a person, he was calm and purposeful, one evening he watched an auction on the Internet, or rather the sale of modern coins, and it dawned on him, one might say, he felt what if he had something for sale.

He took out an old piggy bank from the closet, like an old one he had been collecting for ten years, saving up, it was big, at one time he bought it in the market for a penny. So he kicked it out, and began to revise it, in the end it lasted three days, but it paid off. A pensioner dug out 5 rubles of 1999 from a piggy bank, a coin worth up to 300,000 Russian rubles.

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