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The price of 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation.

Numismatists consider such a coin as 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation, as one of the most valuable, it really takes not the last place, you can even say the first — if you take at face value in the collections of both professional numismatists and completely newbies. A few centuries ago, a penny occupied a significant role in trade, now the production of such coins has been stopped, but people, trade institutions and banks still use them.

This coin lost its value in terms of the economy, it became simply economically unprofitable to mint them, but on the contrary, it became interesting for numismatists. It will become more and more difficult to meet a penny every year, respectively, its value increases and arouses interest among experienced collectors who will always appreciate it. The coin issued in 1997 is especially interesting now. Its main advantage lies in its excellent condition.

Why coins are so valued and considered rare

The value is determined not only by the year in which the coin was issued, but also by the frequency of occurrence in the general circulation, the circulation of the coin, as well as elements that are invisible to the average layman, for example:

— additional decorative elements on the reverse and obverse;
— the merging of letters and their location on the surface of the product.

It is especially recommended for novice collectors to purchase sets consisting of 1 kopeck, rather than collecting one piece at a time, especially since their price is still not too high.

One of the most expensive types of coins.

One of the most expensive types of one-kopeck coins, experts consider 1 kopeck in 2011 — the price is at its peak today and this is not the limit. The price hangs in the range of 300-400 thousand Russian rubles, and this is for a modern coin of Russia! And if she breaks free, then no one numismatist collector will catch up with 1 kopeck of Russia.

Types of coins

As for the varieties of kopecks, the following options can be distinguished:

  • A penny issued in 1997 in St. Petersburg. Among all species, it is the least common and really hard to find. It is especially difficult to find a coin in good condition, since they have been actively used by citizens of the Russian Federation for more than 20 years. The cost of 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation can reach up to 400 rubles, more expensive options can only be found in sets. Accordingly, each person is able to afford to add such an “exhibit” to the collection.
  • It is also worth highlighting the 2006 coin. There are several types: created in St. Petersburg, in Moscow. Their cost is no more than a few rubles, but there is a penny issued in St. Petersburg. The main difference of this coin lies in the non-standard arrangement of letters, they are as close as possible to the ornament. The cost of such a product increases to 1100 rubles, but may vary depending on the condition.
  • Kopek 2008, it was also issued in the capital and in the St. Petersburg Mint. You can meet such coins, so the price  of 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation does not rise higher than 5 rubles.
  • As for the product of 2009, it was also produced in the cultural capital and in Moscow. Such coins are still actively used in everyday life, the cost does not exceed its face value, respectively, this option does not interest numismatists at all.

There are other types, more valuable, which were produced in small editions, or commemorative versions. Since 1 kopeck goes down in history, experienced numismatists have already collected a separate collection for themselves and are waiting for these exhibits to become valuable.

Where to sell 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation: popular auctions

Where to sell coins of the Russian Federation! Without cheating, where they will appreciate: popular auctions. The sale of valuable coins is a promising business, the popularity of such a business is only increasing every year. In addition, the number of people wishing to acquire the rarest types of money is regularly increasing.
Consider several auctions for the sale of coins that are now popular among numismatists:

  • Konros is a great option for experienced collectors. This platform was created 17 years ago, but in one year of its existence, it was able to achieve demand and trust from customers. To participate in the sale of coins at the auction, it is enough to go through a simple registration and leave information about yourself.
  • ANUMIS is also an interesting site for trading. In addition to trade, the site’s employees provide services for the professional evaluation of exhibits.

In addition to the options listed above, for the sale of 1 kopeck of the Russian Federation, we recommend using the services of the Volmar auction. Now it is at the peak of its popularity; experienced collectors are regularly found here looking for exclusive types of coins.

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