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Treasure finds in the landfill

Garbage bin as a source of antiques

Stop for a minute when getting rid of garbage, especially if you are fond of antiques. There is nothing wrong with this, for example, in the film «Motherhood» where Uma Thurman played the main role, the heroine’s husband did just that and, as a result, found an old very valuable book.

Homeless people could change their lives for the better knowing that their landfill finds are worth a lot more. But, unfortunately, they do not have this information or fortunately) Because the fewer competitors, the better. What is so interesting that you can find in a landfill or in a trash can near the house? We will now tell you about some interesting finds.

Old books, New Year’s toys from the Soviet era, rare furniture left by someone… All this is not a complete list. There are cases when pensioners accidentally found packages with old badges, awards, rare coins and even jewelry in the trash.

One man said and shared a photo that his mother found a package that contained a working keyboard, a flower pot, Easter decorations, a leather wallet with old money. Among the coins, only two turned out to be expensive, but the owner kept them for his collection.

An enthusiastic inventor specially visits the city dump and takes everything he needs — old computers, radio components, antennas — from there. Sometimes, he finds working devices, all he has to do is dust them off and sell them for good money.

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