Treasure from the Kremlin

Do you think the walls of the Kremlin hide only the government from the people (people’s anger)? You’re wrong! The walls of the Kremlin are able to hide secrets, treasures, treasures. Of course, the current government is exporting abroad everything that they have acquired not through passive labor — which is fundamentally different from the centuries-old rule, princes, kings.

Based on this, it becomes clear that before the government, in case of problems, the Tsar was not going to run abroad, where he was clearly not expected. Today, our guys with their billions are waiting with outstretched arms, and loaves of salt, and they don’t care that our government, that the government of any other state is subject to sanctions. If you have money, then you should come to us! But today is not about politics, but about the treasures found from the times of ancient Rus’ — on the territory of the Kremlin — after the discovery of which, even in Russia you can live without poverty, even your great-grandchildren.

Treasure from the Kremlin — Real Finds

One of the last finds of the hoard was recorded on May 17, 1988. Treasures of the Kremlin, called the find «The Great Kremlin Treasure», consisted of 300 items — belonging to the ancient Russian elite of Rus’. The last treasure found was able to enter the top ten finds of Old Russian Rus’. On the territory of the world-famous Red Kremlin, the center of the capital, one of the first settlers, were recorded in chronicles back in the distant XII century.

A huge treasure was discovered by simple hardworking builders, literally a hundred meters from the Spassky Gate, according to experts, the items found belonged to the princely treasury of the XII-XIII centuries.

According to the assumption of scholarly historians, in 1238, a powerful and fearless horde of Batu Khan, with a furious thirst for profit, besieged the city, it was decided to hide the treasure from the Mongol Khan. Subsequently, the princely treasure lain for centuries under the ground, and waited for its time. The discovered works of ancient master jewelers struck with their diversity, fantasy of working with jewelry of scientists historians. However, historians and archaeologists were struck not only by the skill of jewelers, but by how rich the capital was in the distant XII-XIII centuries.

The Kremlin treasure made it possible to study the historical culture of the principality of Rus’, it included items: princely bracelets, rings belonging to the elite of the 12th century, rings, various silver beads. Plaques with gilding for ceremonial clothes, temporal rings — this is not the whole list of items found. Some of the valuable for the art of Russia, ancient objects from the treasure, were taken for examination to establish ownership, to this day. which is shrouded in the mystery of disappearance.

Big treasure of the Kremlin photo

Finding a mega treasure

On examination — so to speak! In the Soviet echelon of power, there were also lovers of art, diamonds, gold — one of whom was Galina Brezhneva, but I won’t say that part of the Kremlin treasure was stolen by Soviet leaders, perhaps the items flaunt in one of the museums of Russia, and I run into here.

Previous finds

Let me remind you that treasures have already been found outside the Kremlin walls: the first interesting finds were made in 1773, also during major construction work, a large number of ancient silver coins were found under the foundation of the building; the second find was discovered in 1843, a vessel with charters and lead seals, during the reign of Dmitry Donskoy; the third treasure was found in 1844, the builders erected a building intended for the armory, stumbled upon silver jewelry, items belonging to not poor people, dating back to the second half of the 12th century.

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