Treasure in Latvia

Found a treasure in Latvia during a search — cans with household items

The hero of our story, Alexander, lives in Russia, but a third of his relatives are in Latvia, where he planned to spend the New Year’s weekend. The relatives chose the place of residence near the forest and the river, because they knew that his favorite pastime was fishing and walking with a metal detector.
Alexander quickly got used to it, thanked his relatives and decided to take some rest. An hour later, I realized that I could not sit back and grabbed a metal detector with a shovel, went for a walk through the winter, almost snowless forest. I didn’t have to walk for a long time, after about a kilometer the device began to give a signal — there is something interesting in this place. As it turned out later, antique household items.

The man began to dig, worked for more than an hour, but curiosity turned out to be stronger than fatigue. Surprise knew no bounds — he hoped to see coins, but not this!
He pulled out a few rusty cans and slowly went home. Inside I found unique items: well-preserved clothes, bedding, a kerosene lamp, dishes, an old empty box.

Why are these things so well hidden? I learned from my relatives that during the Second World War, people hiding from the threat buried valuable items in the hope that everything would end soon and they would be able to return. Probably, the owners of the treasure forgot about the location of their hiding place or the way to the house turned out to be too difficult…

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