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Treasure of coins from the forest in a pot


We often go out into the forest for a walk, pick berries, look at trees, it got to the point that I collected horns from trees, I came across quite interesting specimens. Our forest is not far from the city of Rokycany (Czech Republic), I always take my wife with me, she understands more than I do in berries and mushrooms. We like to enjoy the clean air breathing oak trees, even if it is not strange there are linden trees in this strip. I noticed the linden as a child, so I know where they are, as soon as it blooms, we take packages and stock up on its flower. This day when I found the treasure in the forest was no exception.

Reference: the treasure was found in the forest last year, the couple, as usual, walked through the forest, and found a pot of gold coins in a hole dug by wild boars, they dated according to archaeologists during the reign of Wenceslas IV, at that time for this money a person who lost the treasure could buy a great home.

Treasure found from the forest coins were in a pot

Peter, on a typical autumn morning. drank tea, luckily it was a day off and in the evening he was going to go to the forest. He walked along the familiar path, holding a stick in front of him to clear the web in front of his eyes. plus with a stick he raked the leaves under the trees in search of edible mushrooms. Mushrooms came across today, mostly toadstools, but the mood was fine, he felt great.

From afar, he noticed a hole dug by wild boars, the hunting season had not yet begun, and in general the boars felt at ease in this forest. He came closer, hoping to find chanterelles or mushrooms. Something flashed from under the leaves, he came closer and kindled the leaves of the old oak, and his eyes froze. Peter saw several gold coins in front of him, he collected them in his hand, looked closely, and indeed it was a treasure trove of silver coins, he did not understand them much and could not determine their date.

Continued hoarding of gold coins

Peter without thinking for a long time called his friend from the city, his friend was a credited archaeologist. He shouted into the phone saying he found it, come and see for yourself. A friend of the archaeologist came and took the coins and said, these are coins from about 1370 and 1420 and your find is called Prague pennies!

The friend decided to continue the search, they returned to the place where Peter found the first coins, in the end they dug a pot of silver coins after counting there were 519 pieces …

A pot with treasure poured out on the table

Treasure of Prague groschen from the forest in a pot

Our lucky finder of the treasure will receive ten percent of the reward, of the total value, according to the laws of the Czech Republic, so our 25% of the find in Russia is just a bomb …

Guys, you should always hope for a find, it is definitely waiting for you; your coins are under the bush!!!

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