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Treasure stash found in secret room

A deadly stone was found in a secret room … Jewels, shiny stones, beautifully shimmering in the sun. All this has always attracted a person, and after a while it has completely gained some value. But jewels were not always good, there were so-called «damned jewels».

They often spoiled the life of their owner and sometimes led to death. During the revolutions, people, in order to preserve their values, made all kinds of hiding places, and some even rooms filled with all sorts of different good things. One of these caches was the treasure cache of Naryshkin. It was discovered by accident, during the repair of the premises. The builders, when carrying out repairs on the first floor, noticed a strange door leading to a room that was not in the plan.

The builders were shocked by the wealth they saw.

This little room was completely packed with all sorts of different goods, namely: spoons, tureens, various dishes, a silver service, nominal awards from the civil war, precious stones and the blue diamond «Hope». Experts assure that the amount of everything that lies there is more than 4 million euros, and if we translate this into our hard-earned money, about 284,683,603 rubles.

But in the midst of all this goodness, the so-called tragic diamond “Hope” was found. Despite such an attractive name, this stone is not very kind to its owner, it is known as the «Hope» stone. This stone brought many deaths, in particular to its owners. It is known as the most dangerous stone in the whole world. Initially, this stone wasn’t that deadly until something happened. The blue diamond was used in an Indian temple for rituals. They used it because it reflects light beautifully. But by the fate of fate, one foreigner liked this stone. Of course, we do not know the name of this foreigner. This foreigner decided to do a terrible thing, namely to steal a stone from the temple, which angered the ancient gods.

The fate of the poor fellow was destined, and his death was terrible and painful. It was torn apart by a pack of wild dogs. From here, the stone began to spread throughout the world. Then he got to Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. He went with this stone to Europe. The stone was presented to Louis XIV. For this he received a title of nobility. Louis did not long rejoice at his new stone. While hunting, the king injured his leg. Blood poisoning has occurred. The king died in terrible agony a few days later, and the stone continued on its way.

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