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Ukraine — the cost of coins at auction

Ukraine — the cost of coins at auction

How much are the coins of Ukraine

The cost of Ukrainian coins varies greatly, as in the case of money from other countries, the price depends on the year of issue and safety. In order to roughly find out the real cost of several of them, we conducted a small “experiment” — we collected a little bit of trivia known to numismatists, chose the best preserved and sent it to the auction. We watched for about six months, since although they are in demand, the competitors turned out to be a little more than our expectations.

Ukraine, the cost of coins is considered according to generally accepted standards, therefore, the auctions of this country are no different from others. The first put up for sale was 2 kopecks in 1993 for 5 hryvnias, 300 people followed the lot, but only 40 bids were collected, as a result, it was sold for 22 dollars. 5 kopecks 1994 made of brass, in this case there are more bets than observers. When the number of those wishing to buy stopped at sixty, we decided to sell it, that’s $260.

A similar denomination, but 1992, had a special difference — a large edge notch. The initial cost is 5 hryvnias, all five observers took part in the struggle for the acquisition. The winner got it for $ 200, but later, we concluded that we were in a hurry, since this variety is very rare. In addition, there were only five such coins on the site that differed from our safety, and not for the better.

Ten-kopeck, the same year of release was not the most popular, within a few months there were only two people who proved to be buyers. The starting cost is 5000, after three rates it was sold for 5300 hryvnia. Another coin of 1992, a hryvnia with a smooth edge, was put up with its own denomination. Twenty people planned to buy, the rates were a little more than a hundred, and they got $300. A rare type of hryvnia in 1995, offered for 1000, after 35 attempts to buy it went to the winner for 8000.

Thus, we were convinced once again that the outcome of the auction can be completely unpredictable, even rare, sometimes not very expensive, and the most popular, but with a certain unique difference, is quite successfully transferred to the collector. In general, this happens quite often, on which the cost of coins of Ukraine and Russia depends, you can read here.

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