Valuable coins of modern Russia

Valuable coins of modern Russia

The cost of modern valuable coins of the Russian Federation

Russian coins are not always meant to be spent in stores, some of them are of unique value due to their small circulation. Sometimes they are found among a bunch of ordinary ones, this is about 2 — 3 pieces. per thousand. If you find at least one, consider yourself very lucky, even in the case of a small cost.

Some numismatists specifically collect small change in order to later highlight the most valuable coins of modern Russia. To do this, paper money is exchanged for change in a bank or shop. Expensive and rare, first of all, is considered a five-ruble note of 2003. The circulation of 15,000 copies went around the whole country, although it was originally planned to be included in the list of collections. The minimum cost in rubles, equivalent to the size of the circulation.

Approximately the same is worth a two-ruble note minted on the day of the fortieth anniversary of the first flight into outer space. The depicted Yuri Gagarin is no different from the others, but the second side should be considered carefully. Between the leaves of the plant, the MMD sign should be located. Similar versions without this difference cost no more than 50 rubles.

Valuable modern coins of 10 kopecks of 2001 are popular with collectors, with transverse stripes of the Victorious cloak, while most of these kopecks have vertical ones. The price is about 3000 rubles. The denomination of 5 kopecks is one of the rare ones, when not one of its sides has a symbolic belonging to the mint, the marriage was issued in 2002, presented on the “market” for 8000. The rarest of a similar denomination is the coin of 1999, which is now is in the possession of a person who accidentally discovered a coin in his piggy bank. More cases of finds or sale of this species were not noticed.

The cost reaches 100,000. A coin of 50 kopecks 2001, according to experts, the same price category simply does not exist, since it was sold only once and, most likely, was produced by order of a private trader. Due to the uniqueness of the issue, there are known cases of acquiring fakes.

The most popular rubles, they are often passed from hand to hand for a long time, until they get to an experienced numismatist. Expensive rubles were issued by MMD in 1997 — 1998, copies have wide edges. The average cost is 16,000. Ten rubles, in second place after rubles. For 8000 you can buy or sell a 2011 coin.

Valuable coins of modern Russia, the cost of which varies significantly, are most often offered at auctions, for a simple reason — there are many who want to buy, and the price increases significantly over time thanks to those who are interested. This is where you will find a real variety of rares and set the exact price for your item.Next