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What coins can be sold

What coins can be sold

What coins can be profitable to sell

A novice numismatist or amateur is first interested in the question — what coins can be sold. To answer it, you will need a long collection of information about each that is available. Before you start learning, read the general information to save time.

In the first place are rare, these include those issued in a small circulation — less than 800,000 copies, as well as defective and royal ones. At the same time, coins of past centuries may not be worth anything if their safety leaves much to be desired. Defective, for example, with a beveled or inverted pattern, the absence of a mint mark or other detail that is present on similar coins.

Which coins can be sold expensively also depends on the year of issue, which is again related to the quantity. So, rubles of 2003, 2009, 2014 are classified as rare, about which more here. Of course, this is not only one ruble, there are also fives, tens, and other modern denominations. However, some of them are valued not only for small circulation. The issue of metallic money is carried out by two courts and sometimes, one coin has several varieties. This is not to say that the variety refers to marriage, it is rather the work of a unique stamp. The differences relate to the design of the edge or vegetation of the reverse, the width of the edge, the location of the sign.

Variety is a very good word for numismatists, because if you find one even among the “big copies”, there is a chance to sell it for a decent amount. Royal coins also have this phenomenon, since kings had a habit of changing their minds about their image on the obverse. More details in this article.
Let’s note anniversary, memorable views from different materials. The most expensive, of course, gold, silver, but a simple alloy catches up with their cost — the anniversary 10 rubles «North Ossetia» costs at least 10,000. There are also copies completely inaccessible to many, surrounded by legends — do they exist at all. We are talking about 5 kopecks 1999, 10 kopecks 2015 and many others.

Here you should be careful when chasing a rarity, as they are often faked. A separate topic for conversation is the money of the USSR, in their case, the price is highly dependent on demand, that is, the remains of numismatists and collectors today, they cost both 200 and 3500, depending on the frequency of occurrence, quality and year of issue.

You will find more complete information about which coins are sold on the pages of this site, which describes in detail all the nuances that you will have to face when studying coins.

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